I created this resource page to give you a list of services, products, and companies that I use and know are valuable. This way you can find great products and services all in one place. 

While I do have an affiliate relationship with many of these companies because who doesn't like free money, you can't buy your way onto this list. Unless maybe you have a few million dollars to blow to help put my five kids through college, and then we can talk... :).

But seriously, these are all ​products or services I highly recommend. Some of these items are things I personally helped create, and the rest are companies or products I have used​. Enjoy!

Don Smith, Founder

​Don Smith

​Founder, The Personal Growth Channel, LLC.

Get Started

One of the most common questions I get from new members of our personal development community is, "Where do I start?" I usually recommend getting started with our balance workbook, which includes an in-depth quiz to help figure out what you want your life to look like and set priorities. If you want to create a vision for your life and figure out which area to start working on, I'd suggest starting there. Click here to grab your copy.

​Career and Business Coaching

I'd be remiss if I didn't include my own services here. As a coach, I help people achieve their career and business goals.​ If that sounds like something you might be interested in, click here to schedule your free consultation. Let's talk through your goals, I'll give you a few suggestions, and we can see if it makes sense to work together.


Phenomenal mentor and life coach

Don Smith is a phenomenal mentor and life coach. During our time together in Toastmasters, I've been witness to Don's excellence in leadership, communication, and public service. He has a tireless passion for service to others, and won't quit until the job is done right.

Pebalz Eslahi - Insurance Agent

All that is good in a mentor

Life Coach Don Smith is the epitome of what a life coach should be and represents all that is good in a mentor. His passion for personal growth and compassion for people shines through in his coaching. If you are looking for a coach that has your best interests at heart...look no further than Don Smith.

Raymond Stratton - Former Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy, President RJL Express, Inc.

Thrive & Win

Don is committed to seeing others thrive & win - in business, in their communities, and in life. Do yourself a favor & connect with this wealth of wisdom!

Pure Haven Family Resource Center opens new branch office six weeks after beginning coaching

I truly appreciate this group. The like minds, motivation, and accountability are exactly what I needed to take my personal and professional life to the next level. Thank you, Don, for your guidance and ability to steer me in the proper direction to propel me and my business forward.

Melody Hulett - Owner

Creating Healthy Habits

Your health is the most important thing you have; without it, everything in life can become a monumental challenge. We based our thirty-day healthy habits course on the findings from the Nurses' Health Study (NHS), which is the world's most extensive, longest-running study of health and wellness with over 245,000 nurses charting their activities over forty years. Click here to get started.

Workbooks & Worksheets

​Balance Workbook - create a vision for your life with this workbook

Mastermind Group Hotseat Preparation Template - Prepare for your next time on the hotseat with this word template

Goal Planning Workbook - Brainstorm and Break Down Your Goals


Udemy is where I often go when I want to learn something new. With over 100,000 courses to choose from, all ranked and rated by users; it's hard to go wrong here. Click here to browse their massive selection.


If you're looking for a more traditional education program with schools that your employer will recognize, check out Ed2Go. These courses are typically more costly than Udemy courses but are expertly led and give you credit from places like Texas A&M University, so are probably a better investment if you are looking to be able to demonstrate your training to your employer. Click here to visit their site.

Personal Training

If you live in or near Springfield, Illinois, check out Pure Performance Fitness downtown for all your fitness needs. Click here to visit their Facebook page. Jeremy Ferry is my trainer, and is on top of his game.

Personal Finances

Learn how to build wealth ​by reading the article, "10 Steps to Creating Wealth: How I Added Over $100,000 To My Net Worth In a Few Years While Raising Five Kids.​"

Become a Certified Life Coach

If you've ever considered becoming a certified life coach, I recommend checking out Kain Ramsay's course. This course is the same one I went through for my certification, and I was pleasantly surprised at how in depth it was considering the bad rap that life coaching has gotten these days. While it won't fully replace life experience, it is reasonably priced and is likely to keep you busy for months learning all the psychology behind creating lasting changes in your client's lives plus give you a ton of worksheets you can use to jump-start your practice. Click here to get started.

Book Recommendations

For a list of book recommendations covering personal finances, relationships, business, time management, and skill development out of the thousands I've read over the years, click here. I also send out a new suggestion each month.

IncFile - Make Your ​Business ​Legal & ​Protect ​Yourself

Many entrepreneurs start a business but fail to get it properly registered. This mistake can lead to massive penalties and tax bills, I've seen people get hit with tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes, not to mention what happens if someone sues. Don't make this mistake, take the first step today to get your business set up correctly using IncFile.com.

I used IncFile to set up our LLC, and the process was straightforward. They even helped me set up a business banking account and provided a full list of forms necessary to register with the state and federal governments. Click here to register your business today.

SiteGround Web Hosting

One of the first things you need to create an online presence or professional blog is a hosting company. After a lot of research, I went with SiteGround, and have been very happy with my decision. One-click installs for WordPress, instant backups, included performance tools, and amazing technical support is just a few of the things I looked at when choosing a provider. You won't go wrong with this choice. Click here to visit their site and sign up.

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is what I used as the basis for creating this website. They have many conversion-focused templates and tools to choose from which I use to get clients. The membership option gives you all of their tools plus updates for a low monthly rate. Click here to visit their site.


For scheduling meetings, it's hard to beat Calendly. It'll link to your calendar and allow people to quickly and easily schedule appointments, and is what I use for my coaching page to allow people to book appointments. Click here to visit their site.

Zoom Video Conferencing

I use Zoom for meeting with clients. The pro version integrates well with other tools such as Calendly, and is free to get started. Click here to ​get your account.


Sometimes it doesn't make sense to hire someone full time to get a job done. I regularly use Fiverr to get things done ​like logos, e-book covers, or any graphics. I used a highly rated developer from here at a ​insanely low rate to get our website converted from Blogger ​to WordPress​. Still had to make a lot of tweaks, but I know that saved me weeks of ​time, if I had ever managed to get it right. Click here to visit and browse their freelancers.


Another great place to get things done is Freelancer. While it's often more expensive than Fiverr, the quality seems to be a little better here. You can also run contests and pick from the designs you receive back which is very helpful when quality is key. If you're looking for a few extra bucks and have a skill you can sell, this is a good spot to list your services and bid on projects as well. Click here to visit and try it out.

I hope these recommendations help. Make it an amazing day!!!



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