So you’ve fallen out of love with your spouse, or think you have, and are wondering if you can ever get that connection back.  I’ve got some good news for you.  You once had the connection, so you have great prospects on getting it back!  How do you get that loving feeling back though? Ask

I’ve fallen out of love with my spouse, I’m lost. How do I find that friendship and love again?

So many people look for ways to boost their mental health, often wanting a quick fix or some positive affirmations to help them get through the day, but much of what is taken in are words written by somebody else. Granted these do often have the desired effect, hitting the mark and making them see

Writing for Better Mental Health

I am a big hoops fan now. In the 90’s, I was an obsessive hoops fan. Big Knicks guy. Of course, Michael Jordan was the Knicks’ nemesis, knocking the NY team out of the playoffs every year. The Knickerbockers never could get by the guy. I deeply enjoyed the ESPN series The Last Dance because

Success Costs You

Ego tends to think lazily. Thinking lazily involves accepting – aka thinking – other people’s thoughts sans analysis, scrutiny or any form of mental vetting. What happens if you think someone else’s thoughts mired in: fear? poverty? scarcity? Fear, poverty and scarcity will dominate your mind if you think other’s low energy thoughts. Scared minds

Do You Routinely Think Your Thoughts?

When did you last encounter a pressing problem? Think through the obstacle. What was the problem? Guess what? You created the problem in your mind with a thought and adjacent fear-filled feeling. Everything is neutral. Everything just is. Notice how nature never judges or labels. Human beings seem to be the only sentient beings on

Every Problem Begins in Your Mind

Human beings are an odd lot. Humans pass memes to one another. Most humans trust these memes solely because: some people experiencing worldly success preach the memes most people struggling to succeed swear by the meme But just because a bunch of people and a few successes say something is true does not make the

1 Meme Guaranteeing Your Failure

One of the most common problems new business owners run into is that they’ve created a low paying job for themselves rather than a business. There’s a subtle difference between running a business and just being self-employed. Here’s a test you can use to evaluate a business idea. The Million Dollar Business Idea Test We’ll

How to Evaluate Your Business Idea

Who taught you what you believe? Did your parents largely influence your thinking? Who are your parents? Loving, caring human beings who did their best job raising you, in most cases? But did your loving, caring parents have the wisdom of Solomon, the poise of the Dalai Lama and the loving-kindness and compassion of Jesus

Who Taught You That?