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I’m tired. Road Weary. Exhausted. That point where all you want to do is curl up and get some sleep. I went to Vegas for a business trip and attempted to mix business with pleasure, a show at the end of the workday sounds fun, right? Nope, that was a mistake.I made it to bed […]

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5 Costume Ideas for Halloween

Ahh Halloween.  Kids out knocking on doors, awesome costumes, and the inevitable sugar coma from all the candy. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering right about now what awesome costume idea can I come up with for me and the kids that takes me little to no time? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered […]

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Your post on building wealth is too simple

A few weeks ago, I wrote about saving versus earning more to build wealth.  Many of you wrote in saying how much you appreciate the article, but I also got a little negative feedback. One comment that stood out to me was “Seems like elementary school math. Duh.” Wow.  Well, yes, yes it is simple.  […]

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Can I save my way to wealth?

I’m sure you’ve seen people bashing on those who save every nickle and dime, and those proclaiming how they became millionaires by pinching every penny. There are even entire forums and websites on the subject with varying opinions like Frugal_Jerk on Reddit, Dave Ramsey’s website, or Ramit Sethi’s excellent site “I Will Teach You to […]

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