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Stop Looking at the Statistics to Grow Your Business

I was mindlessly flipping through my statistics today. Twitter Analytics: Decent number of impressions this month.Google Analytics: Yep, traffic to my site is good. Bounce rate down.Shareasale: No new sales since the last time I checked five minutes ago.Amazon: No new sales since the last time I checked five minutes ago, but a fair number […]

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3 Things I Learned from Blogging for Four Years

I’m a member of Toastmasters, a leadership and communication development club. When I reached the blogging assignment from Toastmasters, I knew this was going to be straightforward. The task was to create a blog or continue an existing blog, writing at least eight posts during the month, and then share my experience with the club. […]

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To Succeed, Do Something Small Today, and Tomorrow, and the Day After That

We often believe that the key to success is making some massive change in our lives. It is possible to take significant leaps forward by taking massive action over a short period, but in the past forty-plus years, I have found another more natural path to success. Know what I think the key to success […]

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