Do You Trust Your Intuition Frequently Enough?

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I felt an intuitive nudge to write this guest post after writing, publishing and promoting my blog post for the day at Blogging From Paradise.


Trusting my gut frequently helped to free me from a largely unhappy life.

Note the key word: “frequently”.

Trusting your intuition is not a one shot deal.

Following the advice of the perfect, unfailing, small, still voice once per year does not cut it.

Listening closely to and following intuitive guidance once every 5 years does not change your life dramatically, either.

Imagine if you took a shower once annually or once every 5 years. How would that work out for the people around you?

Similar to practicing bodily hygiene, practicing emotional hygiene by following intuitive guidance versus trusting the stinky ego voice needs to be a daily deal. “Stinking thinking” offends and disrupts far more folks than giving off an unpleasant bodily odor because the mind influences far and wide. Look no further than political figures whose mental stink consists of using fear to hate, to blame, to judge, to divide and to separate billions of human beings around the world.

Intuitive Guidance

My blogging campaign hinges heavily on following intuitive guidance even if the ego voice implores me to sprint in the opposite direction.

I have circled the globe as a pro blogger for 12 years.

So far, so good.

But I followed my gut hunches persistently to be where I am today.

Frequently Following Intuitive Guidance Frees You

12 years ago, my intuition told me to take my blogging journey global. 

I felt a deep inner pull to circle the globe as a pro blogger.

Imagine if I decided to follow that single piece of intuitive guidance 12 years ago but then stopped trusting my gut after the initial inner pull? I never would have left the USA because the ego voice incessantly told me that traveling was dangerous, expensive, risky and foolish at that point in my life, after the first gut hunch.

That’s why most people seem to struggle. The intuition offers seemingly endless fun, freeing forms of guidance but they always ignore the perfect voice to listen to the insane, imprisoning voice of the ego.

Perhaps someone trusts a singular intuitive nudge once. After following that single step, most scamper back to trusting the ego voice, the voice of fear, limits, depression and general insanity, for the remainder of their lives.

A life's journey consists of millions of mental steps, not one.

Being free depends on trusting your intuition daily. Following perfect guidance once, twice or a few times every day frees you to be happy, to feel at peace, to spread love, to be truly helpful and to feel relaxed about the entire process. 

Sure it feels uncomfortable at first to trust your gut when the ego warns you of its dangers and its riskiness. But edging through this discomfort is the only way to be free of fear, to live in peace and to trust intuitive guidance more frequently.

This needs to be a regular process to create lasting change and a general sense of liberation.

People generally need some convincing when it comes to trusting intuitive guidance. Some feel as if trusting their gut over the fears of the ego is a pure quantum leap.

Notice how you feel after following intuitive guidance. Make a mental note of how the intuition always leads you into freeing circumstances, even if one embraces some discomfort on this inner journey.

Spotting the benefits of trusting your gut gradually convinces you to trust your gut more frequently. Following intuitive guidance frequently positions you to live a fun, freeing life.

Everything depends on your willingness to listen to the small, still voice on a persistent basis versus only trusting the fear-based complaints of the ego.

Make the shift.

Life becomes a fun adventure for those who persistently follow their intuitive guidance.

Isn’t that what life should be about?

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

  • Intuition is merely our subconscious mind putting together all the little pieces of information it's gathered and comparing it against previous experience. The more experience you have, the more you should trust it. It's when you don't have any experience on the subject matter that it can lead you astray. I've learned to trust my intuition in any area of life I have much experience with and question it a little when it's a new area for me.

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