Walk through the Open Door Versus Waiting at the Closed Door

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I am typing these words from the airport in Istanbul Turkey.

Peep the real-time selfie featured image I snapped in front of the big board.

After firing up the hotspot from the phone I checked a handful of blogs.

Each of my blogging buddies had not published a recent post.

This means I had no blogs for reading, commenting and sharing right now.

What could I do?

I could wait at the closed door; none of these opportunities opened up to me. Perhaps I could wait until tomorrow or even next week to be a truly helpful blogger.

Or I could walk through the open door.


Writing and publishing a guest post here symbolizes me walking through an open door.

The opportunity to serve offered itself to me.

I decided to hop all over it.

Life Is Opportunities

Life is a series of opportunities to be truly helpful.

Sometimes, you and I hold back. We wait at the closed door. We wait for opportunities to help people versus seizing the moment and helping people now through whatever means avail themselves.

I already dictated and published a blog post to Blogging From Paradise from the airport an hour ago.

Since we still have a few hours before flying I decided to write and publish this guest post because when the door is open….why not walk through it?

Stop Waiting at a Closed Door

Life seems challenging for those who choose to wait at the closed door.

Observe how many people appear to be in a holding pattern, waiting for closed doors to open.

During prior trips to Turkey, pilots entered a holding pattern more than once. One descent involved circling the airport for 15 minutes before landing.

But you are not a 747 airliner waiting for a precious parking spot.

You have endless opportunities to be truly helpful.

One door appears to close but other doors open immediately.

In truth, doors remain open all around you.

Training the mind to see these opportunities requires mental discipline.

Challenges arise when you hold back from helping people.

Success arises when you hop all over opportunities to help people.

The type of help does not matter in terms of getting momentum going because acting with love moves you in a successful direction no matter what you do.

Helping the Couple

As we bused into town yesterday a blind couple needed help with climbing on to the bus. I happily helped them onto the bus and lowered seats for both of them; seamless experience.

The kindly man uttered something in Turkish as he handed me his card for swiping. I said “OK” (universal phrase here), swiped his car to make payment for him and his wife and handed back his card. He thanked me in Turkish and I replied with “OK”.

Being truly helpful through this experience made me feel good. Feeling good inspired me to be truly helpful for my blogging community when we returned home. I published, created and connected.

The process is quite simple. Be helpful. Stop waiting to help. Help now. Feel good. Feeling good inspires you to find more open doors versus waiting at closed doors.

People who get ahead on a worldly level tend to lose themselves in experiencing the joy of helping people.

People who struggle wait at closed doors, delaying the opportunity to be helpful.

Walk in the open door.

Be helpful.

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