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Recently I have been practicing true forgiveness.

Admittedly, this is difficult to do sometimes.

But practically applying the concept expands my awareness a little more each day.

One way to improve your life really quickly sounds radical at first but makes sense when you think it through.


Observe your body now.

Look at your hands.

Would you voluntarily clench your fists and punch yourself in your face repeatedly?

No, you would not.

Yet people do this mentally on a regular basis and wonder why life seems to be stressful, depressing or scary.

You and I are connected as one. We appear to be separated. But only one mind exists.

Mystics, saints and ascended masters know this and have taught this idea for centuries.

Imagine this scenario; a ruler from one country invades another country. Individual minds judge the invading ruler as being evil and the invaded ruler as being the innocent good guy victimized by the evil guy.

But you are one in mind with each ruler and every sentient being.

There's nobody out there.

There's nothing out there.

Even quantum physics explains how the universe is virtually empty space that we dream, or think, into an illusory existence.

When you hate the invading ruler you mentally hate yourself because you and the invading ruler are one.

When you feel bad for the invaded ruler you mentally see innocence victimized because you believe yourself to be an innocent victim of the world.

Mentally, you clench both fists and pummel yourself metaphorically in the face. You are evil! You deserve to be a victim! Your innocence is gone! Fight! Fight! Fight some more!

The World Is a Mind Mirror

Naturally, the world reflects your beliefs back to you because what you see is in you. You are darn right you will see yourself as a victim, whether it be of government, your employer or maybe your family. Making matters even worse, you will be unaware of your victim mentality because you are too busy blaming the world for victimizing you, pushing these fears deeper out of awareness.

Do you want to improve your life really fast?

Mentally forgive both rulers.

Know that they reflect your beliefs back to you.

You are one with them in mind.

Forgiving them frees you of:

  • seeing yourself as evil
  • seeing yourself as a victim

On a conscious level, you and I may not see ourselves as evil but the belief is there. It definitely appears to be a different person but the illusion is not true because you are genuinely one with them in mind.

Imagine how much better you will feel quite fast when you forgive your grievance hit list?

Picture how fast you will become a successful entrepreneur when you completely forgive your victim mentality by assessing all bodies you victimize, especially those generating the most guilt in your mind?

Life improves quickly when you stop judging and begin forgiving.

Why Is This Forgiveness Difficult to Practice?

The world is utterly insane.

The world profits from making one ruler look evil, the other a good guy and keeping minds separate, judging, fighting, condemning, cursing and attacking one another.

Breaking this insane mental momentum feels difficult because all around you a massive number of untrained minds judge, hate, despise and take sides versus seeing one mind, forgiving and empowering the whole.

But edging into difficult to embrace discomfort is worth it because feeling better and better teaches other minds to forgive, to see one-ness and to feel better and better.

Eventually, the love reaches everyone.

We can and will return to who we really are but it requires your true forgiveness to get the ball rolling a little bit more.

Be Patient

Be patient with yourself.

Practicing this type of forgiveness requires doing mental gymnastics.

While the separated ones hate without immediately observing their self-condemnation you will gradually feel better and teach others to do the same.

Eventually, we all pay the judgmental piper.

Refusing to look at your mental shadow leads to dicey situations because fear finds an outlet sooner than later.

Why not patiently forgive and improve your life now?

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