What You Need to Know About the Super Powers of EFT Tapping & Coaching to Help you Thrive

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by Andrea Hunt

The last 2 years have been absolutely crazy for most of us and left us in situations we never imagined. Many people were in a constant state of anxiety due to the unpredictability of the pandemic and other world events and have been left feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and uninspired. Read on to learn how transformational life coaching & EFT Tapping can help you move forward and thrive…

A transformational coach is a person who is trained professionally to help you optimize your potential and get the results that you want. A life coach is a credible advisor who will help you realize your goals and work for them, hold you accountable, and give you the encouragement that you need for your journey to become the best version of yourself. 

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Why Transformational Coaching?

Life coaching helps to counsel and encourage on different personal and professional issues as well. It is distinct from consulting, giving advice, mentoring, and counseling, and giving therapy. You can get the help of a coach to aid you regarding specific personal goals, transitions, and professional projects.

The bond between a life coach and a client works as a creative partnership rather than a blind street. With transformational life coaching, you will be able to do the following:

  • Clarify, create, and recognize a vision that you desire
  • Utilize the expertise of your coach for the modification of the goals as required
  • Encourage personal growth and self-discovery
  • Nourish the strategies as well as a plan of action that is based on the requirements of your business goals, vision, and personality
  • Pave the way for accountability to kick start your productivity

Benefits of Transformational Coaching 

Based on your specific goals, you will be able to attain certain benefits from hiring a transformational life coach. Some of the common areas in which a life coach can help you include the following:

  • Identification of goals and vision for personal and professional success
  • Creating plans for professional and personal growth 
  • Identification of limiting beliefs
  • Creating financial independence for oneself
  • Getting a balance in work and life
  • Learning to communicate effectively 
  • Fostering better bonds personally and professionally

What’s more, you can get promotions, achieve fitness goals, improve communication goals, start a business, or articulate core values. Ultimately, a life coach enables you to optimize your potential regarding any area by techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Research indicates that training and coaching are more effective rather than training alone, for example. 

Why You Need Personal Growth?

Personal growth is an important aspect of life coaching. It refers to different techniques for bettering behaviors, actions, reactions, and habits. Following are some indicators for personal growth: 

  • Improving behavior in certain situation and helping you gain self- awareness
  • Overcoming procrastination 
  • Becoming more considerate and more polite
  • Becoming more accountable and responsible 
  • Developing new skills 
  • Developing a growth mindset and becoming positive 

Undoubtedly, these are some of the important aspects that make anyone's personality exemplary. While not everyone has all the cards, it is possible to work on polishing these qualities with some guidance. For that reason, a life coach is a perfect option. Besides other things such as professional life and team management, a life coach will also help you with enhancing your personal growth. 

Transformational Life Coaching for Personal Growth

A life coach would firstly help you work on your personal growth. They will help you understand your identity, your values, and your goals. If you think there is a sense of dissatisfaction, a life coach may help in this case. Clarity includes being strong-headed about what you want in your life and living a life that is full of purpose and meaning for you. Life coaching will help you identify the talents and gifts you want and check what helps to give meaning to your life. 

There might be some unseen talents that you are not aware of – a life coach will help you give direction and clarity that you want, helping you get a fulfilling and satisfying life. 

Goal Setting 

Setting goals for your personal growth is not a one-day process, and goals working in the long term may become challenging to visualize. Setting up short-end goals may be a habit for some, but setting up long-term goals is important. For some individuals, setting these goals must be anxiety-inducing. 

A transformational life coach may be helpful in guiding you through setting goals. You are better able to identify your future needs and wants. You can get leading questions that help you in discovering something valuable about yourself. A life coach will help you organize a plan and stay organized. 

If you try to set a goal for yourself, you may aim too high. Getting overly ambitious may make you overwhelmed in this regard. You might get sideswiped from your personal growth goal as well. A life coach will help in making your goals specific and attainable enough so that you stay clear about them. 

Getting Unbiased Feedback

A professional life coach will help you in the personal growth that you want by giving you honest feedback and support you want. They will help you concentrate on giving input that will help you attain the goals instead of trying to sway you away from your goals. They will be among the best support systems that you need. So, whenever you feel misled from your path, they will be there to put you back on track. 

In the process of personal growth through a life coach, you will be able to discover your inner self from a deeper perspective. You would get some points to ponder upon that will help you give a deeper insight into your life as well as your aspirations. Some of the areas which will help you improve include the following: 

What’s more, you will become more confident as you are able to identify and stick to your goals. As a result, you will see that getting guidance from a life coach will help you in improving your personal growth visibly. 

Why EFT Tapping?

EFT Tapping is becoming more popular every day in clinical, therapeutic, and coaching circles. Today, many of us who often battle stress and anxiety are aware of how uncomfortable it can be. We may have discovered some useful techniques for regulating ourselves, such as yoga, mindful breathing, writing, etc. Although these techniques are strongly advised, they are not always effective right away, especially when a person's anxiety or stress is interfering with their daily activities. A lot of people do have the choice of taking medications, but they also have a lot of side effects that not everyone wants to cope with. In any event, having a backup strategy when coping with stress and anxiety can be quite beneficial.

Since then, many studies have demonstrated that EFT Tapping can be quite effective as it also combines different therapies like exposure therapy and cognitive therapy along with physical touch. One study noted:

“EFT has positive effects in reducing stress : EFT causes measurable reductions in salivary cortisol after use and also in key markers for self-reported anxiety, depression and other stress symptoms. Cortisol in the EFT group dropped significantly (-24.39%, p 2.62) compared to ‘Psycho-education’ and ‘No Treatment’ groups (p < 0.01).” —EFTi Research Summary.

EFT Tapping on the facial points

It's crucial to understand that EFT Tapping is not a cure for stress and anxiety. It's a practical means to handle it better and more successfully so that you can control your emotional health more effectively. Stress activates your sympathetic nervous system, which sends your body into a state of fight, flight, or freeze. This innate reaction certainly assisted our ancestors in surviving but doesn't help us today.

Furthermore, chronic stress can build up to the point where even the tiniest things can be triggering on a regular basis. Stress can also have an impact on our eating, sleeping, and general well-being.

This is where the Emotional Freedom Technique can help…

By bringing the root causes of your tension and anxiety to the forefront of your consciousness, EFT tapping is a potent mind-body technique that can help you let go of them and relax down. It also helps break the disruptive energy of persistent negative ideas and beliefs.

The goal of the emotional freedom technique is to calm the area of the brain that regulates stress. The meridian points that EFT Tapping stimulates help to balance your energy and emotions by reducing stress and negativity that you experience. Sound strange? Prior to trying it, many people think the same!

Final Words

In the end, we must understand that life coaching and EFT Tapping don't bring everything to the table itself. Rather, it gives you the power you need to unlock your endless potential to achieve the goals you want for yourself. The real work starts with your own hands when you are able to recognize your needs, values, habits, and personality and then work on yourself to build the best version of yourself. This essentially means that life coaching helps to improve your path to personal growth besides a whole lot of other things. 

Are you interested in starting your personal growth and empowerment journey but you don't know how? Check out my free ebook to get started today!

ABOUT ME: Andrea Hunt – Online Transformational Life Coach and EFT Tapping Practitioner

Andrea Hunt

I am a supportive motivator as a coach and happy to help you reach your goals for a richer, more fulfilling life. Likewise, I help people gain self-awareness so they can figure out what's keeping them stuck, which limiting beliefs hold them back, or what emotional meets are not getting met so they can understand how to create better boundaries and standards in their relationships. In particular, I can help you when you're at that point of saying ‘Enough!' – I want something better!

I'm an accredited transformational life coach from Animas Centre for Coaching UK  and a member of the International Coaching Federation. I'm also a Level 2 practitioner in EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and a member of AEFTP (Association of Emotional Freedom Technique Professionals). If you're interested in booking a free 15 minute discovery call for transformational life coaching, EFT Tapping, or SRT coaching, book here. 

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What You Need to Know About the Super Powers of EFT Tapping & Coaching to Help you Thrive
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