How to Be a Great Event Planner

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The job of a great event planner is both rewarding and challenging. This is a job for a very specific type of people, not everybody can do it. You need to possess certain skills and be up to date with innovations and trends. Also, not all events are the same. Different types of events require diverse things. People hire events planners to organize their weddings, corporate events, product launches, and all kinds of other celebrations. It’s obvious that we need to have a suitable approach for each of these. If you’re interested in becoming an event better event planner, keep reading to learn more about how to do it.

A great event planner is characterized by certain skills. One of the most important skills (perhaps even the most important) is to be highly organized. This is a must. Somebody is born with this skill, while somebody else needs to work hard on it. You should also learn how to be networking-savvy and always have contact with different people whose services you require. A great event planner is also flexible and creative. Moreover, he or she has a good understanding of each event in question. And last but not least, whatever you do and whatever choices you make, always have your client in mind.

1. Be organized

Event planners are among the most organized people in the world. You can do this job well if you are not organized. There are plenty of aspects of event planning that you need to keep in mind in order to run things smoothly. Many things are intertwined, related to each other as well as rely on each other. Planners need to keep their timelines on schedule, budgets in check, and everything else running smoothly. Also, planners should have a keen eye for details and meet deadlines. Everything should be on time, without delays. Moreover, event planners also need to have a backup plan in case something doesn’t go as planned. This is a lot of things to handle, and if you are not well organized, you are bound to feel stressed out.

2. Be networking-savvy

As the events industry is heavily based on relationships and is people-driven, you need to be networking-savvy. That means that your work depends on a number of people such as photographers, caterers, DJs, bands, decor, lighting, and others. These people will help you give your clients a memorable event they’ll never forget. Also, as you work closely with people, they can see how well you do your job and recommend you to other people. So, it’s actually beneficial for both of you and your businesses. 

3. Be flexible and creative

Event planning is such a field where things can sometimes go wrong or in a way that you didn’t plan. So, it’s essential to be flexible and adaptable to any given situation. Great event planners never allow for these little setbacks to lose their nerves. Instead, they always try to maintain calm and cool behaviour in front of the clients and behind the scenes. They should have the ability to think quickly and to try to come up with plausible solutions. 

4. Understand each event well

In order to plan different kinds of events, event planners need to be familiar with these events. So, they should know about the essential aspects of weddings, corporate events, product launches, and other celebrations. They need to have a few alternatives they can offer to their clients. Clients should be able to choose what they like and prefer for their event. Sometimes, they will also have something on mind that you haven’t offered. In that case, you should do your best to give them that if possible. 

5. Have your client in mind

Whatever event you’re planning, you should always keep your client in mind. Try to respect your client’s wishes even though you perhaps don’t agree with them completely. Your clients will appreciate it much more than doing it in some other way that didn’t want. Communication is essential, and you need to be open and direct with your clients. In that way, expectations will be realistic. 

Organizing events is a complex process, but with these skills, it’s bound to be a lot easier and more manageable. 

About the Author 

Jess Cooper

Jess Cooper is a part-time journalist and blogger based in Sydney, Australia. She is a very organized person, with a good eye for details. She enjoys writing about different topics related to lifestyle and event planning. She likes giving advice on event planning and organization, as well as photo booth hire in Sydney.

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