Want to Build Your Brand? Try These Videos Without Fail!

by Sanket Shah

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In these modern times, videos are one of the most important tools you need for global growth of your business. More than 72% of customers prefer learning about products and services through videos. These figures prove the popularity of videos as effective marketing tools.

Video marketing is not just a buzzword – it's so much more than that. It is the content plan leader in the world of marketing. And that's because videos are memorable, relatable, and versatile. Not to mention, they are the best ways of reaching varied audiences within the shortest period of time.

Video is the present and the future. Thus, the earlier small businesses get started with it, the better off they will be in the long run. If you are still wondering how to use videos for marketing your small business, here's all the help you need:

1. Capture Audience Attention with Product Videos

You might have an idea of product videos already. They showcase a product in the most creative ways possible. They generate interest in the minds of viewers who have already seen something very similar – they thus help capture the right spot in the minds of the audiences.

Out-of-the-box product videos are a good way for small businesses to stand apart from their competitors if they provide the same products and services as their competitors.

If you are selling something exclusive or novel, then that's a different story altogether!

2. Indulge in SMB Marketing with Team Bios

Employee team bios give a face to your company and the people that work there. Such videos are effective SMB marketing tools because they show the audience that sincere people are working for your company – people who care about your business and its customers.

Team bio videos can be professional where the titles and the expertise of a team are on display. Conversely, they can also be personal, showcasing the quirky and fun characteristics of the employees. Such videos put forward the human side of a brand to the audiences.

Use team bios to introduce account managers and sales teams, making it convenient to bond with potential consumers.

3. Create Interest with Introduction Videos

You know the audiences need a solid reason to take an interest in your brand and your products and services. You cannot have them loving your brand automatically. A good-quality introductory video, however, will help you do this.

This is also quite successful as a small business video marketing idea that can pique potential leads' interest. They might visit your site and possibly even become loyal customers. Use these videos to explain how your product can solve their pain points and encourage them to engage with your brand.

It's pretty simple to create business introductory videos – just highlight the problem your company is here to solve. But since you are a small business, it is also important for you to charm the audiences by showcasing the small scale and personal ways to live up to their expectations.

The main idea is prioritising the customers and the product quality instead of just your profits. Place your introductory video on the homepage of your site. This placement gives new visitors more reason to delve deeper into your brand as they visit your site.

4. Build Customer Confidence in Your Business with Testimonials

Testimonial videos feature the existing customers of your business sharing their success stories on indulging with your brand. Such videos help new leads know and understand more about your company.

Of course, new customers know how your brand can help solve their problems, but they are eager to delve deeper into your brand and see if it is worth pursuing. Customer testimonial videos work out very well in such contexts.

Moreover, seeing people rave about the qualities of your business is more impressive than releasing an ad. You are not just talking about why people should consider your brand but also showing them proof of how much others find it worthwhile.

All you have to do is follow the basics of creating customer testimonial videos: Interview your existing customers and ask them to share their positive experiences using your products and services.

5. Give Insights Into Your Business History with Brand Story Videos

Brand story videos are effective because they present potential buyers with the mission of your business, the story behind its inception, and the things that set you apart from your competitors.

Getting personal about your business's background and values through immersive videos will help you connect better with the audience. 64% of customers say that they find businesses communicating their objective visually more attractive than brands staying silent on this.

But just because you are narrating your brand story does not mean that your video has to be lengthy. No, not at all. Keep it straightforward and brief. Get the characters (in this case, you and your business partners) looking directly at the camera and briefly sharing their experiences. Make the video seem as intimate as possible by inviting the audience into your space.

6. Create Anticipation with Announcement Videos

Announcement videos can generate buzz around a new product and encourage the audience to buy it. These quick and small teasers build hype while keeping a brand relevant.

You can also use such videos to demonstrate how your new product is better than its previous versions or how it will make the lives of customers better. Announcement videos also work well on social media platforms by helping brands acquire more viewers and followers.

7. Establish Yourself with Educational Videos

Educational videos make it easier for brands to demonstrate their expertise or authority in the niche they are serving. Such videos involve brands educating their audiences on topics within their niche or industry. You can do this in the form of tutorials, guides, Q&As, and tips and tricks.

Through these videos, you can provide value to the audience by explaining new concepts instead of explicitly selling your products and services.


A proper evaluation of a business idea and its demonstration will help your brand build trust among your audience and gain more credibility across the industry.

There's one thing you must always have in mind – the best business idea is building excitement around your business. And nothing but videos will help you do this professionally and excitingly.

Want to Build Your Brand? Try These Videos Without Fail!

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Sanket Shah

Hi, This is Sanket Shah, I am the founder of InVideo. InVideo serves millions of users from ~190 countries and we have raised $20M+ from the likes of Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global. We believe the future of video creation is in the browser, across devices, and collaborative. I studied at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and spent some time in Silicon Valley before moving back to India.

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