Emotional Effects of Cancer: Ways to Cope

by Alex K

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The trauma that comes with a cancer diagnosis can be very severe. Trauma comes from lifestyle changes during the diagnosis process, like hair loss, declining health, loss of independence, or changing financial status. Adjusting to any or all these changes takes some time. The emotional stress and anxiety of cancer have a massive impact on people's lives. This links to the physical and social effects of cancer and chemotherapy's psychological effects. If emotions are not well managed, it can significantly affect an individual's mental health.

Managing the Emotional Effects of Cancer


After diagnosis, the physical and social impact of cancer may trigger anxiety. Symptoms include; dizziness and loss of appetite. Headache, fatigue, diarrhea, stomach pain, dizziness, and difficulty breathing. Consult a doctor when you experience anxiety.


Those battling cancers feel guilt when they see their loved ones under emotional stress. Most people feel a sense of guilt due to the emotional effects of cancer on the family. Some individuals feel a sense of guilt from choices they made in the past. They believe these choices may form the root cause of cancer. These emotions are normal; talking with a physician or a support group can help cope with this phenomenon.


Cancer can scare those suffering from it. This fear may stem from the possibility of financial challenges or fear of death. The psychological effects of chemotherapy can also put fear in cancer patients. It is vital to get correct and complete information about the condition as incomplete information is a significant cause of fear and panic.


Feelings of anger or annoyance are perfectly normal in this situation. Frustrating feelings as a result of your cancer for loved ones are common. The physical and social effects of cancer can be a source of anger. Whenever you feel this way, acknowledge and share your feelings. Sharing with a professional, a friend, or in group sessions can be effective.


Sadness is one of the strongest emotions people feel. Those battling cancer often feel sad because of loss of independence or health. Their loved ones feel sad because they cannot help them. Sadness is a valid response to the diagnosis. Try to come out of sadness because it can be destructive to the mind and body.

Coping with Cancer

Many people have difficulty coping with the effects of cancer. Here are some ways to cope with cancer:

Take it Day by Day

Today is the right time for patients to explore what they need emotionally. Try to take the time to figure out what works for you. You can do this on your own or seek professional help. The personality changes in cancer patients need to be handled on a day-to-day basis.


Try to move around as often as possible. You can keep up with your physical strength through exercises like yoga. These exercises aid in balancing your emotional energy. You can speak to your therapist or physician about recommended activities.


Eating a well-balanced diet is very important for staying healthy. These kinds of food can aid in providing you with much-needed comfort. Nutritious food also aids in giving you the strength needed to cope with it.

Talk to Somebody

Talking to someone is very helpful in coping with this ailment. Some people lean on a community or get the much-needed support from a support group. Talk to people with similar experiences. Some professional social workers are always available to offer the needed help; seek these individuals.

In a nutshell, to cope with the emotional effects of cancer and the psychological effects of chemotherapy, proper diet and physical activity are essential. Staying active and eating right also helps relieve the pain and mental problems associated with cancer.

Emotional Effects of Cancer: Ways to Cope

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