Take Your First Step in the Right Pair of Running Shoes

by Anna Hoffman

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Runners need enthusiasm and a certain amount of love for what they do if they want to see it to the end. In addition to their enthusiasm and passion, they need a pair of running shoes that won’t fail them. When they are clocking in the miles in the blazing summer or winter, having a pair of running shoes that provide a good amount of comfort, support, and protection, is important to any runner.

So, whether you are a professional athlete, someone who enjoys an early morning run, or you are looking to take up running as an activity, you cannot compromise on a good pair of running shoes. Before your next trip to the ASICS stores in Australia looking for a new pair of shoes, here are some things you might want to know.

How to Get the Correct Fit All The Time

Have you ever gotten a pair of running shoes only for them to get tighter as you walk or run? If this is the case with your shoes, then it isn’t the correct fit for you. For running shoes, the fit and level of comfort come before anything else as uncomfortable shoes can cause pain, fatigue, and joint problems.

To get the right fit for your feet, go shopping at the AU Asics stores in the afternoon or at the end of the day. Around this time, your feet would swell a bit due to all the walking around you’ve done. It is also a good idea to go with your favorite running socks as it would give you a better feel of the shoes.

What if I want to shop early in the morning? If this is the case, then you need to get a half size bigger than your normal size. The extra space will ensure that you remain comfortable and give your toes some wiggle room.

Take the Shoes for a Spin

An important rule when buying running shoes is to never purchase them until you have tried them on. Not only should you try them on, but you should be allowed to walk around with them or run on a treadmill in the store to get the best overview of the shoes.

Most ASICS stores in AU that carry a large collection of running shoes, usually have a treadmill available where you can test the shoes. If there is no opportunity for you to test it out at the store, ask for the return policy. Where you are allowed to take the shoes home and return them if they don’t feel right, then make use of that advantage.

Common Features of Running Shoes

No two running shoes are the same, but they all share certain features. Some of these are:

  • The Sole: All running shoes have soles. Due to the technology used to make running shoes, this sole usually has three layers which are the outsole, midsole, and insole. The outsole is the bottom part or the part that is visible on the outside. It is made to encourage flexibility and is made with carbon rubber to prevent easy wear and tear.

The second part which is the midsole is usually made with foam for cushioning and to absorb shock which happens due to the impact made with the ground.

Last but certainly not least is the insole. This is the part that is visible when you look inside the shoe and it is usually removable in walking and running shoes.

  • Breathable Materials: As you run or walk, you need your shoes to promote airflow and give your feet some space. Most running shoes make use of materials that are breathable and comfortable since you don’t want to be counting the minutes until you can take the shoes off. 


Don’t forget to ask for help when you need it. Most Australian ASICS stores that carry a good collection of shoes have trailed consultants that are ready to answer your pressing questions. From the information you give them, they could even point you to the ideal shoes for you.

Take Your First Step in the Right Pair of Running Shoes
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