Who Should You Help?

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I scan various messages daily through my social media accounts.

Some folks ask for money. Others ask for assistance in leaving their war torn nations. Some want a backlink from my blog. Others ask for a guest post on my blog.

But my blogging buddies also await; none actively ask for help but each weighs on my mind as recipients of my help through guest blogging.

Who should I help?

Who should you help?

Confusion reigns. Guilt arises. Sometimes the fear of criticism invades my mind. I also fear rejection.

But one question asked gave me clarity in figuring out who I should help.

After I wake up every single day I ask this question:

“How can I be truly helpful?”

I discovered this method via the book A Course in Miracles.

As I train my mind I realize how being truly helpful is different than helping someone from fear, guilt and mindlessness.

Ask the question. Wait for an answer. The moment you receive an answer is the moment you know who to help.

For example, folks sometimes send me messages from war-torn countries asking me to help them get out. I know that being truly helpful means I cannot help these individuals because I know no one at embassies, in immigration or anywhere related to getting someone into the USA on a hardship basis. I cannot be genuinely helpful for the individual. I do not attempt to help them. Nor do I feel guilty in not assisting the person because I know they are an empowered human being who simply has not realized this since they feel afraid.

But after I ask the truly helpful question I am almost always nudged to guest post on Personal Growth Channel once daily because virtually every human being needs some mindset help. I can be truly helpful for the whole by writing and publishing this guest post for you rocking readers.

Deciding who to help sometimes means helping your aunt, grandmother or child. Other times, writing a guest post for a 2 million member community seems to be the best way you can be truly helpful. You know. But only you know the answer and that answer surfaces after asking the question and waiting for a clear answer.

This method works because you and I possess an intuition. A small, still voice knows our perfect role during the human experience. The intuition only sees clearly. 100% of the time, this voice rings true. But listening to the intuition and following its guidance feels frightening sometimes since most live lives of fear, pure logic and heavy guilt.

For example, most people who receive a desperate plea from someone in a war torn nation to be saved would feel heavy guilt and may even make a futile attempt to get the person and their family out of the country. But emotionally and logically, trying to play savior for one imagined victim is not being truly helpful for humanity. The intuition is the ultimate chess player; it sees 1 million moves ahead. In the long run, you will help that person best by assisting the whole now because they will eventually get your message of empowerment as it spreads throughout humanity.

Being truly helpful is helping the right person or right people in the right moment based on your awareness. Based on my current level of awareness, the intuition tells me I am not truly helpful trying to send a Western Union payment to Africa to help someone. However, I am being truly helpful if I write this post for receptive parties who read, process, understand then apply these concepts to be bright lights for humanity.

Knowing who to help feels good. Dissolving confusion feels peaceful. Letting go guilt feels airy.

Ask how you can be truly helpful.

Wait for the answer to know who to help.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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