September 10

New Beta Program Pays Authors for Contributions

by Don Smith

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We've been hard at work here at The Personal Growth Channel, dreaming up ways for our authors to get paid. We want authors to write detailed articles to help our readers achieve their personal and professional goals, but the good ones understandably want to be paid. Finally, I think we've come up with a way forward!

Brainstorming Ways to Pay Authors

This program has gone through many iterations already.

  • We thought about stuffing ads all over the page like most of our competitors do to raise funds, but we hated the thought of doing that to our readers. I promptly nixed that idea, I hate sites where I have to scroll delicately to avoid accidentally clicking on random ads.
  • We considered paying based on the number of shares an article received or a flat rate per article. But likes and shares don't pay the hosting fees, and definitely don't pay enough to pay our authors on top of that.
  • We considered a pay wall with a limited number of reads before requiring a paid subscription. That might be a model that works but I'd rather steer clear of it.

A Solution: Introducing The Donate Button

Eventually, I asked the question. “What if loyal fans just donated to the program? I'll even contribute towards it myself to get it off the ground.”

The light bulb clicked on.

We talked some more and came up with the current program that is in beta. Money added to the program will go into a pool utilized to pay top authors as part of a profit-sharing program. So simple it might even work!

How You Can Help

If you're a reader who wants to help this program be successful, click the “Donate” button at the bottom of this article and toss in a few bucks.

Authors can participate in the beta program by clicking here to request an account and writing articles!

New Beta Program Pays Authors for Contributions


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