Do You Fear Peace and Quiet?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Most people claim to love some good old fashioned R and R but do everything possible to avoid peace and quiet.


People tend to fear peace, quiet and solitude because fears long buried emerge for exploring the moment rampant distractions dissolve. Distractions always disappear in serene environments solely because busy settings feed on distractions.

I just arrived to a rural farm in the least developed area of New Jersey. Contrary to popular belief, a large chunk of the most populous state is rural, if not even a bit remote. The 40 acre property sits down a 1/2 mile driveway from a sleepy road, being backed by a virgin, protected pine forest. Minus a few homes and places of business, one can drive for a good hour or two north and west through forest, farmland and undisturbed fields, through NJ, upstate NY and Pennsylvania. The homeowner warned us how minks break into the chicken coop to kill chooks; precautions have been taken, making for a fortress of a chicken house. This is the boonies.

Even though I largely adore peace and quiet I noted my mind race forward the moment we arrived. Distractions dissolved. No humans hustle and bustle their way in or around the property. Pitch black conditions set in a few moments ago as night fell. I love peace, quiet and stillness but understand that as distractions, noise and general busy-ness around me disappear, fear surfaces.

Of course, fear arising feels uncomfortable but the only way to become more peaceful is by allowing fear to arise to be felt and released. Busy bodies never understand this basic truth. Egos immersed in endless distractions never get it. People often want to take a relaxing vacation in the middle of nowhere but make every possible choice to outright avoid stillness or to dramatically lessen quiet times versus lengthening these restorative periods. People claim to be too busy to take a peaceful vacation when that quiet vacay would reveal the busy-ness is in their mind.

Be aware of ego's obsession with:

  • work
  • busy-ness
  • rushing
  • hurrying
  • full schedules

because each choice further buries fears fueling:

  • anxiety
  • worry
  • depression
  • general mental chaos

Deciding to live a fast-paced life buries all fears you need to allow to surface, feel and release to be serene, calm and to bring peace and quiet with you wherever you go. My mind-fear attempted to race ahead and scare me into writing hurriedly, in order to write and publish 3-4 guest posts before midnight. Sitting in a silent, rural environment amplified the fear because no distractions seemed to dull the feeling. But feeling and releasing the fear goaded me to:

  • feel relaxed
  • slowly write this post
  • feel peaceful as I create and publish this post

Do not avoid spending time in peace and quiet, whether on a rural farm or in a quiet bedroom inviting you to look within your mind. Stop checking your phone every 5 minutes. Start meditating more often. Spend 1 week in a rural or outright remote area. Being in a serene environment feels amazing in moments but may trigger deep fears too because remote settings remove all distractions you've chosen, to avoid facing, feeling and releasing these energies.

The ironic part of inviting peace, quiet and fear into your experience is that clearing fear makes peace expand in your being whether you live in a rural area or a city. Peace in mind creates a peaceful environment because everything is in your mind.

Do not fear peace and quiet. Fear NOT stepping into a peaceful, quiet setting. Burying fears creates more problems, stress and anxiety because you cannot get over something that's in you. Feeling fear seems uncomfortable but makes for a cathartic purge; letting go fear allows peace and love to take over your mind.

Spend more time in serene settings.

Dissolve distractions. Face your fears. Feel at peace as your fears dissolve into calm.

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Ryan Biddulph

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