How an Arrest Can Impact a Family

by Luca Yates

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Despite the reasons behind an arrest, it can be upsetting and costly. It may seem like only the person under arrest is affected, but the impact is felt widely. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with things, and for some people, it can be tough to come to terms with the arrest of a loved one. Moving forward can be challenging; it requires hard work and dedication to resolve any issues that stemmed from the arrest.

Read on to learn the other areas of impact and how they should be addressed.


If the arrest is just another in a long list of similar arrests, then the broken trust that results from it won’t be anything new. Regardless of whether the arrest was for something major or minor, the relationship will be shaken to its core. 

The loved ones may have a hard time believing in the rehabilitation of the perpetrator. It can be incredibly disillusioning for the family as they find it impossible to reconcile the idea they have of a person with the person who committed the crime.  Any children affected may struggle to believe that they won’t be left again. In general, it can be difficult for the family to believe that the perpetrator is doing all that they can to turn their lives around and feel disappointed.

It can be easy for the perpetrator to feel sorry for themselves and begin to play the blame game with their friends and family. However, they must remain open and honest so that they can acknowledge the effect that their arrest has had. 

In addition, dealing with the outcomes of the situation can show their loved ones that they are trying and help regain any lost trust. Sometimes external help can be necessary for the healing process, and so for some families, counseling may help them work through their feeling and issues in a healthy manner. It can help them to communicate effectively, handle the stress and build trust back.


This can occur as a result of the arrest, especially if the person is gone for an extended period of time. If family members have had to shoulder extra responsibilities that they were ready for due to the arrest, this can lead to resentment. The best thing the perpetrator can do is to simply be prepared for that as an outcome. Whether just or unjust, an arrest and the amount of time it can take to deal with it does put the lives of all those involved at a standstill. 

The unexpected strain an arrest causes can lead to resentment, but that doesn’t mean that those family members don’t still love each other. As above, it is deeply important to remember that honesty is key. What’s done is done, and the past cannot be changed; it is about being proactive to show that they are making a concerted effort to heal any pain caused. 

Financial Burden

An arrest can be costly in more ways than one. For someone seeking bail after an arrest, it can be tempting to ask a family member, but that can have a huge detriment on their financial wellbeing. Using a bail bonds company – like E Parker Bail Bonds and associated organizations – is a more sensible choice. They often offer payment plans and are more flexible. It also alleviates the burden already felt by the family as the result of an arrest.

In Conclusion

An arrest can have a myriad of effects on a family beyond just the obvious. Transparency is the key to healing for most families, and sometimes to achieve that, it is necessary to consult a counselor or a therapist to move forward as one. 

How an Arrest Can Impact a Family

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