Who Do You Follow on Social Media and Why Do You Follow Them?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I sometimes scan my Twitter main stream.

Today I decided to make a list and work off of that instead.


I followed a number of well-meaning, fabulous folks who tweet low energy aka fear tweets a bit too much of the time. Few see through the illusion of fear. I certainly do not 24-7, 365. However, although I choose to follow these folks I also know where my attention and energy goes, grows. Think about that truth for a moment; where you place your focus grows your experience.

Following Tweeters who sometimes complain a bit much grows complaints in your experience. Following Tweeters who blame other humans for their lot in life grows this habit in your experience. I can go on and on. I appreciate everyone I follow on Twitter but will solely work off of one list going forward. Genuinely, I take nothing personally and advise other humans to never take anything personally because ego is poison. But gaining clarity nudged me to question who I followed and why I followed these individuals.

After mass unfollowing nearly 50,000 Tweeters I slowly but surely followed a few folks based on their consistent engagement and high energy tweets. But on following these individuals I soon noticed a steady stream of low energy tweets flowing from these accounts. What can I do? I did not know about the low energy tweets tweeted because I had not followed these individuals prior.

One part of me fears hurting their feelings with an unfollow. One part of me simply intends to keep following these fallible humans who are just as vulnerable and fear-flawed as I am. Ultimately, I will follow these sometimes low energy tweeting Tweeters but will work solely off of my list going forward.

Who do you follow on social media? Why do you follow these individuals? Do you follow some people because you feel bad about not following them? Do you believe that you owe people a follow? Why do you feel this way?

Treat people you follow via social media like people you would choose to follow in the offline world. Think before you follow someone. If you do follow someone on Twitter who publishes quite a few lower energy tweets simply decide if you can see through this content. Or just build a Twitter list showcasing the highest energy Tweeters to give your attention and energy to high energy folks.

I do not intend to judge anyone because I have love for all. But facing fears fueling energies like guilt, shame, or a need to be liked liberates you from these energies. My current mental practice consists of seeing through fear in folks I follow or friend on social media. Predominantly, these folks share high energy content. But if this crowd tweets fear manifest as:

  • blame
  • victim mentality
  • railing against the government because the individual gave the government power over them mentally then physically
  • news headlines
  • anything buying into the illusion of fear

I scan the tweet, spot the illusion and hold loving, abundant thoughts. Literally, they know not what they do. Plus I am not immune from the fear-illusion virus. As I delve deeper into my mind I see ego and its delusionary fears rear its ugly head.

However, I decided to build my high energy Tweeter list to do less sifting through illusions and more connecting with high energy folks.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

I cannot stress enough that I love everyone who I follow on Twitter. Be hyper aware of the fact that I am learning to face, feel and release fear like everyone I follow. Part of this fear-feeling and releasing process consists of delving deeper into my mind to better connect with love persistently, patiently and genuinely.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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