No Thing Can Replace You

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I read a post 5 minutes ago.

A skilled blogger explained how AI seems to be more pervasive in the writing world.

Artificial intelligence has positive applications.

But no thing can replace you.

No thing, computer, app or even strategy replaces infinite human beings because humans possess a god-like gift called mind that no computer, app or strategy replicates. Mind boasts no limits. You and I are just like super heroes we see in movies but certain factions condition our minds to believe otherwise.

Humans seem fallible; we are only human, right? But the fallible concept of a human being is quite flawed solely because humans are mind and mind is unlimited. How can an unlimited idea be flawed? Flaws suggest limits. Mind is unlimited.

Digging deeper, all things created to replace unlimited mind come up short. AI proves to be one example. Artificial intelligence feels helpful in some applications but has limits because no artificial thing replaces a perfectly designed, unlimited mind capable of anything.

Pay close attention to enlightened beings. Teachers like Jesus, Buddha and Babaji proved again and again how man is mind and mind is unlimited. Each seer also proved human beings are not human bodies. Bodies are puppets, reflecting back to individuals the state of the individual's mind.

Dwelling on these truths unearths the idea that you can do virtually anything while things cannot. Never look to an app to do what only you can do.

Put thing-usage in its proper place. Supplement your life with things but never worship things.

AI in particular presents a fascinating but cautionary tale. Minus the obvious Terminator franchise series references, and our alleged impending doom, worshipping things as saviors starves you of:

  • life
  • love
  • joy
  • peace
  • serenity
  • happiness
  • connection

Not Present for Love and Beauty

I observed a couple eating lunch on a jaw-dropping beach here in Panama recently. Dazzling views of the Pacific Ocean teased their senses. A stout, cute boxer dog affixed itself to their table. The husband and wife spent much time staring at their individual phones amid pristine natural beauty. Phone-things cannot give you connection and community anywhere near the mind and its power to dial in to:

  • nature
  • fellow minds
  • loving pets

Phones cannot replace loving human beings. Phones cannot replace stunning natural beauty. Things cannot do what you can do. Things cannot replace you.

Passing On and Things

We can move in a different direction pondering how human beings attempt to fill voids with things after fellow humans pass on through the idea of death or dissolving of relationships. Money cannot replace the love and companionship of a fellow human being. Big houses cannot replace a human. Cars never replace humans.

Pay close attention to how ego tries to replace humans with things through various applications. I may spend ample time online daily but use internet, phone and laptop things to foster connections with human beings. I use things to spread love. I also spend hours offline observing nature, exercising and examining my mind as it really is.

Things have their place but no thing can replace you, your mind and the love of fellow sentient beings.

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