Cut the Strings of Attachment and Fear Will Find You

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I find it amusing when my ego deems itself fearless.

Of course I have fears.

But I also boast a partial fearlessness related to fears most of humanity seems to suffer from.

Anyway, cutting the strings of attachment helps me find fear, again, if I am feeling a bit too fearless and comfortable.

Check your ego at the door. If you believe yourself to be fearless this is an easy exercise to find fear, again.

Bruce Wayne Found Fear Again

I recall watching The Dark Knight Rises. Bruce Wayne needs to escape a nightmarish prison. One old prisoner advises that he make a perilous climb out of this hell-hole on earth without a rope, almost guaranteeing his death. Why? Bruce Wayne conquered almost all fears but needed to re-introduce himself to the fear of death for proper motivation.

He did not use the rope, felt pulsating fear, identified his motivator and climbed out of the pit after a leap of faith.

I allowed fear to find me again today by cutting the strings of attachment. Being a Kriya yoga fan and mental scientist, I face quite a few fears daily. But I had not felt a pulsating, primal fear course through my being in months.

This is the type of fear I felt when:

  • sitting with three 400 pound tigers in a cage in Thailand
  • almost dying in India
  • stepping into torrential rains and a roaring rapids with poisonous snakes around in the jungles of Costa Rica

My wife and I chose to walk the dogs on the beach here in Panama 1 hour out from high tide. We knew a certain section of the beach facing cliffs would be too dangerous to pass at this time because the surf slams into the rocks, often reaching 2-3 feet – or higher – against the cliffs. One dog is quite short; she would certainly be swept out sea and its strong currents if not pummeled against the rocks, even though she is one tough SOB.

We made sure to completely avoid the cliffs but I did make the bold move of detaching from any idea of not walking until we were 2-3 hours out from high tide. I cut my attachment to never walking the dogs until the cliff area created safe passage during low tide.

Fear found me again.

Primal Fear Finds Me

Actually, primal fear surged through my meat suit because the small dog sprinted wildly after a gull directly through surf pounding the cliff. She became so locked in on the bird that her madness caused her to charge through life-threatening surf.

I sprinted to save the dog, not uttering a word or even sound as the fear of her being swept out to sea and drowning raced through my mind. I cared less about my feet being shredded on the rocky outcroppings hiding under the surf.

I eventually caught up to see she leapt up onto large rocks leading up to the cliff. Survival mode kicked in because 2 feet of rough surf would have easily overpowered 1 foot of small dog. I snagged her and sprinted out of the surf as a strong wave slammed into the cliff, reaching my thighs.

My wife and I felt instant relief. We then discussed how training our minds through a diligent daily routine helped us move on from the primal fear quite quickly.

We also understood how facing, feeling and releasing this primal fear seemed necessary for our continued unwinding. Human beings wind themselves up with fear, typically, doing most things from this illusory energy. Cutting attachments is the quickest way to find fear again to purge these illusions. Greater peace of mind follows.

Cutting deep attachments – like choosing to walk the dogs within a hundred yards of a cliff during high tide – triggers deep fears that need to go for your evolvement.

Attachments Vary in Size and Scale

Attachments vary. Perhaps you feel attached to sleeping in but feel intuitive nudges to cut the attachment by waking at 5 AM. Fear will arise in your being tomorrow as you wake at 5 AM versus 10 AM.

Maybe you saved a significant amount of money but remain deeply attached to your job, even though you hate your job and want to start a home-based business. Leaving the job both cuts the attachment and unearths a deep fear of poverty. But you need to cut the strings and face this fear if you ever dream of being:

  • free
  • liberated
  • peaceful
  • calm
  • poised
  • happy

working your home-based business.

Fear Blocks Happiness

Fear in your mind is the only factor blocking your happiness.

Slowly but surely dissolve attachments to trigger fears that need to go for you to be happy.

I feel even more serene entering the last 2 weeks of this house sit after facing a deep fear concerning the dogs today. Little scares me as I walk the dogs on the beach after facing the fears of the dogs:

  • interacting with local wildlife like porcupines, poisonous cane toads and poisonous sea snakes (hairy encounters but the dogs came out OK)
  • interacting with aggressive dogs who maimed other dogs in fights
  • dealing with rough high tides

Cut your strings of attachment.

Face your fears.

Free yourself from fears in your mind to be calm, serene and poised in any situation.

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