Who Did You Learn Business From?

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I read Don's excellent recent article:

Why Simple Is Better When It Comes to Business

He makes a smart point about keeping things simple. I model some of what I do based on the icon he mentions, the Amazon titan Jeff Bezos. I wrote and self-published 126 eBooks and sell each through Amazon Kindle. I also converted a handful to paperback and audio book to sell through Amazon.

More than offering a high volume of helpful eBooks, paperbacks and audiobooks through Amazon, I learned from Bezos to work abundantly NOW to increase your passive income later. I blog like the dickens now to increase my:

  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility

to titanic levels later. I also got rid of virtually all of my active income channels to cease trading time for money. I only promote my:

  • eBooks
  • audio books
  • paperbacks
  • courses

these days to earn passive income around the clock.

Why not learn business from a dude worth $200 billion?

But unfortunately, most entrepreneurs struggle horribly because most learn business from friends and family members who never ran a business. Some wing it, like fools. Others allow their poverty conscious, employee-level of thinking from past jobs to influence their business decisions.

Stop trying to build a business by ignoring advice from business titans. Pay close attention to iconic business behemoths. Note their disruptive ways. Observe how successful entrepreneurs put in massive work for years before hitting it big, in order to create a passive income empire.

I guarantee you that Bezos likely netted no real online profits during those early days of working 12 hour days for 7 days a week. But the skills, exposure and credibility he gained while working for free paid off immensely over the long haul.

Meanwhile, entrepreneurs who learned business from employees demand quick, steady paychecks days or weeks into their entrepreneurial careers. Good luck with that.

Amazon Competitor Teaches Persistence

I am visiting my uncle, aunt and grandmother in North Carolina.

He is one of the online business pioneers, actually competing against Amazon in the mid 90's.

My uncle has sold over 300,000 of his books over his 25 year career online.

Like whenever I visit, we have brainstormed for hours since Tuesday evening, me soaking up his wisdom, experience and business creativity.

I would be a complete idiot to ignore someone who has sold over 300,000 books, who owns multiple magazines and who has interviewed people like the dude who signed Elton John, among others, for his podcast.

My uncle teaches any aspiring online entrepreneur the exponential power of persistence. He brings immense value to the market but also worked his market for a quarter of a century. He began selling his books through the online realm as Jeff Bezos and his Amazon juggernaut took off.

My uncle has done quite nicely for himself because he has created value, built strong friendships, innovated and kept at this online game for the past 25 years.

Listen to highly successful business owners. Be open to their feedback. Trust success. Be careful about trusting anyone who has not experienced business success online.

I am quite humbled that my uncle seemed highly impressed by my stature in the blogging niche in addition to the size and responsiveness of my Twitter following. But I simply modeled what I did based on the actions of titans like Bezos and book-selling machines like my uncle, from when I began blogging in 2008.

Learn from the best.

Become the best.

Render generous service for humanity through your business.

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