Do You Look in the Mirror Routinely?

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I regularly blog about looking in the mirror.

Does someone annoy you? Someone who appears to annoy you reflects something about you back to you. Where is the annoyance? In you, because you see the world as you see yourself.

Specific areas of life seem to form stronger mirrors for most human beings. Look to politics, religion and government to see powerful mirrors teaching you about you. Pay particularly close attention to politicians. Presidents, prime ministers, governors and senators take this mirror effect to the highest level. Observe any president; people tend to despise specific leaders because presidents form the most powerful mirrors, reflecting back to you what you hate about yourself, what you despise about yourself, or how you see yourself coming up short in life.

Of course, owning this truth routinely seems sobering to most of us. I did not prefer to step fully into this concept. I would much rather blame politicians or people in government for any issues I suffered through. Eventually I understood how the problem was in me and simply became reflected back to me for me to face, feel and release.

Any human being you hate for being confident, arrogant or a flat out egomaniac reflects one of a few concepts back to you. Perhaps you deeply doubt yourself and resent a confident person from deep jealous, envious energies. Or maybe you are arrogant, or, a flat out egomaniac. Everything you see in that person teaches you clear lessons about your thoughts, feelings and take on the world.

Look closely at yourself before assailing anyone else in bullets of judgment. Picture some world leader you despise seems to enrage you because he appears to be moronic, stupid and boorish, too. Before taking the person apart, look closely in the mirror. The individual reflects back to you how you see yourself as being moronic, stupid and boorish. Even if you are smart, sharp and polite, you obviously see yourself embody these qualities.

Let yourself be with your judgments. Allow this person to teach you about yourself.

But you better look in the mirror routinely to check yourself up regularly. Seeing yourself in the mirror here and there does not cut it. Seeing yourself daily allows you to step deeply into reality because stepping into the light of truth lets you take complete responsibility for your life.

I enjoy watching myself and my mind any time I judge someone. I become even more vigilant the moment I become angry with someone because these people teach me powerful lessons about me. But again; ego does not enjoy this process. Ego does not love the sting arising the split second you stop laying into others and realize the fear-pain begins and ends inside of you.

Look in the mirror regularly. Develop a sense of peace, calm and serenity about your being. You and I are one. The politician you hate is as much a part of you as your right hand. Why would you hate your right hand? Why would you think your right hand is ugly? Why would you curse a part of yourself? Since everyone is one, being fully connected, what you see in other human beings is what you see in yourself.

Note how critics who hate the world and many people in it live depressed, angry, chaotic, miserable lives. These people have not expanded their awareness enough to realize the poison they spew sits within, eating them alive. Perhaps releasing-projecting their pain-fear feels like a temporary relief during the unloading but you cannot escape the fear-pain within that you project through criticizing other people.

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