Do You Evolve or Erode?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Have you ever watched the TV show Married….with Children?

The episodes center around a wise acre shoe salesman who cracks jokes about his miserable marriage and miserable life.

But lead character Al Bundy does recall one positive experience from his depressing existence, quite often: he waxes poetic about his 4 touchdowns at Polk High as the highlight of his life. Alas, he never evolved but chose to erode into a sometimes funny but largely unhappy guy who sells women's shoes, being depressed with his lot in life.

The show makes for a pleasant comedy until most people slowly but surely realize they may be walking Al Bundy's eroding, non-evolving, path. He gradually eroded from high school football star to angry show salesman through a series of personal choices. Again; I understand the allure of comedy in entertainment. But do you recall your high school or college glory days with fondness while feeling miserable, depressed and flat out disgusted that you seemed resigned to spending 40 hours weekly for 40 years in your life staring at a computer screen in a cubicle? If so, you chose to erode through the illusions of fear, comfort and security over the truths of love, change and growth.

Guys; I love ya's. I ask probing questions because I intend to expand your awareness enough for you to free yourself from fear and its eroding, enslaving energies. I asked myself the same questions over 12 years ago. I had been eroding slowly but steadily – resisting the concepts of growth, evolution, freedom and advancement – through a series of mindless, boring jobs. My last job was working in a shipping terminal as a security guard. I recall staring at numbers on shipping containers every night, asking myself:

“Is this why I am alive? Is this my purpose? There HAS to be something more to life, right?”

Eventually, in the freeing but ego-shattering light of truth, I gratefully embraced being downsized from the job, evolved into being a pro blogger by practicing blogging and grew into the human being I am today. I chose growth and evolving over static living and eroding. How about you? Do you challenge your belief systems? Most humans never evolve much. Observe human political beliefs.

People grow up in homes with Democrat or Republican parents, who impress their political beliefs on kids, and the kids live their entire lives without ONCE questioning their political beliefs. What's with that? Why erode, dissolve and disintegrate into mindless, robotic, political beliefs? How about ruthlessly questioning your political beliefs? How about ruthlessly questioning all of your beliefs? Grow. Evolve out of:

  • ignorance
  • mindlessness
  • prejudice
  • past glory
  • past achievements
  • fear
  • division
  • separation
  • lazy thinking
  • no thinking

I grew up with 2 staunch conservative, Republican parents. Each allowed me to choose my beliefs – largely – in terms of politics and life but of course both heavily influenced my political and life belief systems. But I began exhaustively questioning my political beliefs. I eventually let go politics entirely. Why give a political party, ideology or any human being power over me, my thoughts, my feelings, my belief system and my life?

I left politics, politicians, parties and and just about every human being in my rear view window. Now I think for myself. I serve. I freed myself through critical inner analysis, growing out of eroding, dissolving, mind-dulling, freedom-consuming concepts humanity tends to cling to.


Stop eroding.

Think for yourself.

Challenge every commonly held belief.

Ruthlessly question those with the worldly illusion of authority, and you better question their motives, while you are at it.

Evolve to be free.

Become a freeing example for humanity.


About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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