1 Reason Why Fear Is Not Real

by Ryan Biddulph

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Love is real. Fear is illusion. Fear is not real. Fear appears to be real. Fear seems to be real. Humans appear to be running around in energies of fear, hurrying, panicking and fighting. But fear is not real. People appear to act from fear because people do not face, feel and release illusory fears in their mind.

Here is one reason why fear is not real: face fear and it dies immediately. Face any fear. Feel the fear. Fear vanishes. Every human being has this experience. You fear something. You face and feel the fear. You release the fear. The fear vanishes. This is one reason why fear is not real. If fear was real or true, facing fear would not banish the fear. If fear was real or true, no human being could conquer fear. Fear would persist forever and all human beings would be 100% enslaved by fear But we see millions upon millions of human beings conquering fear on a daily basis, proving how fear is not real.

“Look fear in the face and it will cease to trouble you.” ~ Sri Yukteswar

Listen to the spiritual master. He shared a story of his early life concerning his mother's counsel. She advised him to face fear. Looking fear in the face at an early age of his life taught him to be fearless. His mom spoke the truth. He spoke the truth.

I faced, felt and released a steady volume of fears – of varying intensities – during my life, but especially during my 12 years online. I feared guest posting 12 years ago. But looking this fear in the face by submitting guest posts to various bloggers – after receiving invites – meant the fear no longer troubled me. A few bloggers turned down my guest posts. I looked another fear in the face; the fear of rejection. The fear of rejection no longer troubled me.

What genuinely scares you? Look that fear in the face via a baby-step method or through more drastic means. I deeply feared stepping into a cage with three, 400 pound tigers during one of my trips to Thailand. My wife popped inside of the cage as if she sat with three little kittens. Deep, primal, primordial fears coursed through my being. I feared being attacked by the massive tigers. I feared being eaten by the massive tigers. I stepped into the cage to prove fear is not real. I spent 15 minutes with the three kitties. I left the cage feeling a surge of love, fearlessness and confidence in myself.

I faced the fears of being attacked and eaten. Both fears disappeared. Both fears are not real.

What if the tigers attacked and ate me? Would fear have been real in either-or case? No. Being attacked and eaten by tigers only proves one group of beings consumed another being, a natural, neutral process. I would leave my body to embrace another experience. Fear would course through my being during the attack but I would have kicked my frame and left my mortal coil. How could fear have saved my life? I am forever; just like you and just like any being.

Enlightened souls master their minds and fear to such levels that these advanced beings sometimes transcend fear, pain and suffering. Note the famous image of the self-immolating monk sitting in Vietnam during the war. Observe how calmly he meditated in his fleshy temple as his body burned to death. Did he look afraid to you? Did fear seem real to him? Fear is not real. Fear is an illusion. Face fear. Fear dies.

Honoring fear can help you preserve your body but your body is another illusion, a projection of your mind. Does preserving an illusion make your fear real? Nope. Preserving an illusion is like grasping at air. Not real.

Face fear. Feel fear. Release fear.

Fear is not real.


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