1 Catalyst to Changing Your Life

by Ryan Biddulph

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Learning to see the good allows you to let more good into your human experience. One catalyst to dramatic change is learning how to shift from scarcity to riches, from complaining to gratitude, from loss to gain.

My wife and I visited the grocery store to buy our food for the week. I held one intent: chant a simple, loving mantra while I waited online to walk inside of the store. I gave 100% of my attention and energy to seeing, focusing on and feeling good by chanting my mantra. I thought or felt of nothing else. The 30 person line dissolved within 3 minutes. I felt as if we had sprinted inside of the store. Why? Focusing SOLELY on the good in any situation literally shifts the situation to conform to your intent.

Does this sound insane? If so, you have been carefully conditioned to believe your thoughts and feelings are:

  • worthless
  • meaningless
  • powerless
  • insignificant

But the opposite is true. Pure, loving, clear thoughts and feelings spread out into the Universe as if you were a pebble dropped into a serene, still lake. Waves reverberate gently but persistently, heading outward, without limit. However, the thinking-feeling of focusing on good, feeling good and thinking good to the exclusion of:

  • fear
  • pain
  • mental fighting
  • doubt

feels incredibly uncomfortable, at first. Before we drove the store today, my silly ego with its fears tried to direct my thoughts and feelings to:

  • my wife and I wearing masks as we waited to walk inside of the store
  • waiting on line outside of the store in frigid temperatures reaching down into the low 30's

But I kicked these low energy thoughts and low energy feelings outside of my mind to focus exclusively on my good-feeling mantra. We almost literally walked inside of the store, as if people rushed to buy their stuff, checked out and created room for us. Even better; we found everything effortlessly and also chatted with a kind, loving, warm cashier as we checked out.

Life responds to your predominant thoughts and feelings. Seeing the good and feeling good about the good, in any situation, dramatically changes your life, fast. Do you want to escape a depressing life? Face fears you resisted to create the depressing life. Release those fears to focus on the good in your life. Perhaps you hate your job. Face, feel and release fears in your mind fueling the hate. Proceed to feel good about your:

  • paycheck
  • health benefits
  • opportunity to help people
  • kind boss

to form the springboard to a fun job or enjoyable business to begin working. Shift your focus from fear to love. Shift your attention from loss to gain. Shift your energy from hating something to loving something the way it is. Make a conscious choice to see the good in any situation to allow good to expand.

After feeling better about your 9-5 job you create an exit plan. Spend 4 hours job-hunting after you get home from work. Or begin a part time blogging business. In 3 weeks, you find a new, fun job. After getting hired, you keep working your blogging business part time. Life is good! But 2 years down the road, your fun blogging business has grown to such levels that you have the option to leave your job to become a full time blogger. Wow! Life is REALLY good!

Everything changed because you focused on the good in each situation and felt good about your lot in life. From there, the thoughts, feelings and actions you chose slowly but surely allowed good, love, harmony, peace, health and abundance to manifest in your life.


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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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