Why Politics and Religion Are No No Topics

by Ryan Biddulph

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I began following a few folks on Twitter recently after unfollowing 47,000 people.

Immediately, I ceased following my main stream. Some bloggers who publish helpful content – and are awesome folks – are still tweeting political updates. Great folks. Knowledgeable folks. But each person clearly mirrors back their lack of clarity, belief and confidence in each topic with the incessant drum beat of “the people need to know!” because when you NEED someone to hear, the desperation creates delusion reflecting your personal fears, lack of clarity and lack of confidence in your stance, to you.

If you know something there is no need to tell other people about it. Why? You know it. You already have it. No NEED to give it to anybody else. Allow them to discover their truths, knowledge and experience on their own, without projecting your personal fears on them.

I do not follow the news on CNN, Fox News or Twitter.

Politics and religion are both no-no topics because almost everyone who discusses politics and religions is filled with fear and doubt, manifest as a lack of clarity, regarding their political and religious choices. The fear and doubt manifests as a complete campaign of:

“They are wrong, I am right.”

type of energy, underscoring all political and religious shares.

When you have full clarity, confidence and knowing in a topic….you never talk about it!

Have you ever thought of politics and religion THAT way? Probably not.

Model Man

I have a square, lantern jaw. Most people in the Western world would say I look masculine. Even though I no longer do the bodybuilding bit, I possess muscular arms, semi-broad shoulders, a thick, defined chest, a decent V-tapir and burgeoning abs. I look very much like a man.

I could care less about the accolades, but one of the top physique modeling agencies on earth picked me out of a crowd during my modest modeling days. Hair is a little corny, they said, but if I tightened up a little bit, I had “it”, meaning, “the look”.

Lee Jeans contacted me for a potential commercial. I could not go to the casting aka cattle call because of my security guard job at the time.

My point: I do not debate the fact that I am masculine-looking because I clearly know I am a man, and, that I look like a dude. I am 100% confident in that fact.

If someone mocked me as a slack-jawed wimp, I would experience no emotional response because it would be like them saying that the sun and the moon have changed positions.

How many human beings out of 7 billion people (human) on planet earth have the same level of:

  • confidence?
  • clarity?
  • knowing?
  • serenity?
  • complete lack of doubt?
  • complete lack of fight?

concerning their political and religious views?

Clear, confident political and religious folks engage in detached, fun, light-hearted debates then LET IT GO. How many of those folks do you see in the world? Yeah, that's what I thought.

The more important you think your viewpoint is, and the more you *need to get the message out there*, the less you believe in it, the less clear you feel on it and the more often you should shut your mouth, to face, feel and release your intimately personal fears fueling your doubts around the subject.

Until you reach a point of almost complete clarity and confidence – and few humans boast each quality – simply make religious and political discussions a no-no in your experience.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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