What Is the Bandage Effect of Personal Growth?

by Ryan Biddulph

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The truth stings.

The truth will set you free to experience unprecedented levels of personal growth. But first, clearing fear-pain blocking the truth, hurts.

Like yanking off a bandage quickly and violently versus slowly removing the bandage, torturing yourself, the quickest way to free yourself to grow fast is to face and own fears. Seeing truths clearly follows.

I posted an idea to my social media today.

Politicians extract every once of their power from pawns and victims.

100% of the time, this statement is true because 100% of a politician's power is YOUR vote. YOU are the power. Politicians are worthless politicians without votes. Heck; politicians cease to exist without your votes.

But if you cannot see this truth you have a fear-victim-pawn bandage to pull off. Either do it fast to feel some pain but to be free quickly or do it slowly, suffer for a long time and struggle to see the truth, growing slowly.

Some politicians have good intentions. Some politicians help people. But since politicians are not enlightened beings, adopting a “take it or leave it”, completely detached, altruistic approach to running their campaigns, their fears, worries and anxieties translate into NEEDING your vote. Need = fear. Fear = manipulation. Pawns and victims are the only human beings who are blind to the manipulative ways of politicians. Even people with great worldly power and wealth fall prey to the manipulative ways of politicians because politicians NEED big money and big lobbying to get elected. The entire political world rests on the illusion of fear, pawns and victims.

Every political campaign is an illusion because every human being is limitless, spacious awareness, 100% independent of politicians, capable of doing anything while living completely within the bounds of worldly laws, governing and other vehicles established by politicians to assert control.

Revisiting the bandage analogy, pawns used and victims suffering need to yank off the bandage fast to feel the fear, pain and pure sting of clinging to a pawn or victim self-image for years or decades. But the split second the sting dissolves you grow like a weed because you see truth: you can be happy, free, serene and prospering 100% independent of politicians or their mass political influences.

Meanwhile, lost humanity refuses to remove the bandage at all. Wounds fester, stink and ooze as the victims or pawns fight and debate, as to who they render most if not all of their spiritual, mental and worldly powers.

Hey guys; don't shoot the messenger. I literally am a guy sitting in shorts and a T-shirt for 365 days of the year while eating my choco-puffs. But I do intend to help other people with eyes to see and ears to hear awaken so you and I can help humanity free itself from the thinly constructed veil of illusion propped up on shoddy fears and worldly manipulations.

Tear off the bandage quickly. Free yourself to grow. See truth.

The political example is one application. Feel free to apply to domestic living, financial situations, work circumstances and business environments, too.

A few moments of ego stinging is worth living truth, growing quickly, conquering fear and being a beacon for humanity.

Feel free to pull off the bandage slowly but prepare to suffer and grow at a snail's pace.

Everything is on you.

Everything rests on your intimately personal decisions.

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Ryan Biddulph

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