How to Overcome Pain of a Broken Heart?

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Do you know what the biggest loss is in anyone's life???? I think it is an emotional loss. Am I wrong? We can't compare the pain of heart-break to any pain in this world. To overcome the pain of a broken heart takes a lot of effort.

When we fall or are injured, we feel physical pain that a doctor can heal with medicines and ointments. But how do we heal pain which can only be felt? The pain which we can't show to anyone. I am talking about the pain we get from the person we trusted the most, the person we loved and cared for more than ourselves. It leaves us heartbroken when someone whom we trusted the most cheats on us.

But give me the answer to one simple and straight question. Is that possible that we got betrayal by someone whom we don't trust or don't know??? How funny this question feels, but it is reality; we only get hurt by those we love a lot. But what to do with the pain??? The pain leaves us disturbed, crying, and helpless. Our nights feel to be scary and filled with loneliness. The days look stagnant. Most of us go through this phase of betrayal at some point in our life.

What to do after a heart-break?

When our hearts break, the pain is unbearable. But is it right for us to always live under the shadow of that pain? Are we not fooling ourselves while crying for the person who left us without thinking a single time that how will we manage to live alone?? Is it good to waste the whole of our life crying in the memories of the totally ignorant and selfish person??

No, my dear friend, absolutely not. We have got this life to live, not to waste, and that too for the unworthy person. We get hurt when someone cheats on us, of course, but it is not practical to live with a broken heart throughout our life. We should care for those who care for us. You should miss the worthy, but not the selfish. So I am sharing a few tricky points that will help you overcome your pain of a broken heart in a short period if you follow religiously.

1. Don't treat yourself as a victim

Yes, you read it right. You are not a victim; you are just cheated. A person whom you trusted was not worthy of your love, time, and care. You were great on your part, but your counterpart was a failure. Yes, my dear friend, you are the winner because you passed the relationship test and that too, with good grades. So, treating yourself like a victim will make you feel low in your own eyes. So, stop behaving like a victim; you are not weak. Build trust in yourself.

2. Engage yourself

Try to engage your time doing anything which interests you. It may be dancing, singing, martial arts, gardening, or even cooking. The prime motto is here to divert your mind from bad memories and your failures in your love lifeTrust me, as much as you will engage yourself timewise, your pain will start fading. The time you are wasting while crying in the memories of your life's cheater is, in a real sense, only your's possession.

3. Help the needy

Do you trust in blessings? I do. When we help someone who is truly needy, then their souls bless us. These blessings do magic in our life, and we start to feel worthiness. When people admire us, bless us, we realize our value. The value that was lost when our loved one left us. And you know this earned value in the eyes of others is purest and never-ending. And helping others will give you the ultimate level of satisfaction, which we all wander to search throughout our life.

4. Care for yourself

Caring for yourself means learning to love yourself. Love your hair, your face, your body, your attributes, your nature, everything. Give time to take care of your body and skin. You can try a hair spa, massage, or anything which will leave you feeling rejuvenated. You will slowly fall in love with yourself, and this new beginning will ease your pain. And if not so, it will at least help you overcome the pain of the broken heart.

5. Meditate

Meditation is something that heals our inner being. If you are a practitioner of meditation, you must be aware of its amazing effects. But if you are not a familiar one, then you must give it a try. You will need a peaceful place for meditation, a place where you could talk to your heart. To overcome the pain of a broken heart, you need to heal your feelings. And what can be a better option to heal a human's mind rather than meditation?

Final words

Finally, I want to say that I know the pain of a broken heart. It is not that easy to forget, as we pretend. But nothing is impossible. If we start to develop trust in ourselves and fall in love with our personality, our life's journey will be less painful. And the time which is needed to heal our shattered feelings and emotions will, for sure, be of shorter span than before. One thing more, never force yourself to remain devoid of love after a heart-break. Let your heart open for a real soulmate. Maybe the previous was a mere attraction and your twin-flame or soulmate is still to arrive in your life. Be positive, be hopeful, and keep smiling🙂.

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