Face Your Fears or Be Manipulated

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Life is not what it seems.

Life appears to be one way. But truth sits deep down, buried under appearances, those appearances only existing because of fears in your mind. Fear makes you see what is not really there. Unless you face, feel and release your fears you will be manipulated based on mass fear, as large groups of people will scare each other into seeing what is not really there. Of course, it appears to be there and seems to be there but appearances are not realities or truths.

For purely entertainment purposes, envision a scenario where some dis-ease appears to sweep the globe. People panic, largely, but only because of the fear in individual minds. The dis-ease is simply a lack of ease, a movement away from the natural human state of ease, relaxation, health, wellness and completeness. Even normally brave, clear-thinking humans start tossing around words like dangerous and serious, reflecting the fears in their minds and their buying in to the illusion.

Human beings who face, feel and release fears in their minds see through the global dis-ease effortlessly because no fear in their mind resonates with the narrative of a global dis-ease. Not only do these individuals feel at ease, peaceful, healthy and well, these folks are completely unaffected by the mass panic because they see through the mass panic, cultivating a sense of compassion for scared human beings who panic but not partaking in the illusion.

However, most human beings do not face their fears. Fear festers in mind, stinking, oozing, an energetic marsh giving off a foul stench, repulsive to fellow sentient beings. Fear in your mind that you refuse to face makes you prone to manipulation. Fellow scared humans say something to scare you – allegedly for your well-being, health and freedom – and sure enough, the thing they say scares you because of the fear in your mind. But multiply the fear by much of 7 billion human beings on planet earth in this imaginary, fictitious scenario.

Ponder the mass panic of humans in the billions, scaring one another, manipulating one another and sacrificing their worldly freedoms. Everything begins in mind. Nature is neutral. Bears cannot scare each other into dis-ease; no mind means no nightmares.

But digging deeper into this imaginary scenario, ponder the possibility that authority figures may or may not be using the same manipulative forces for gain, control, and for power. For one moment, in this version of fiction, the government advises you in drumbeat fashion to avoid other humans, to sanitize regularly and to perhaps wear some type of protective device, in order to keep fellow human safe, healthy and well.

Picture the government advising you to avoid the dis-ease versus instructing you to take practical, simple, easy steps to boost your immune system. In this imagined scenario, people with fear in their minds are so afraid of dying or getting terribly ill that they will be easily manipulated by those with the authority to do so; perhaps government appears to mean well but if someone loves you, respects you and genuinely has your best interests at heart, wouldn’t they teach you how to build up your own health so you maintain your worldly freedoms, versus scaring you into avoiding sickness so you continue to give up more of your worldly freedoms?

I do not follow the news. Nor have I followed the news closely for 20 plus years. I imagine this purely imaginary, fictitious scenario could unfold for a humanity where individuals refuse to face, feel and release fears in their minds. I cannot be manipulated into believing any scenario where this situation would ever become a reality. Going within has its benefits.

Face your fears. Or suffer the consequences of your fears being used against you.

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