Do Rules Matter?

by Ryan Biddulph

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No. Rules do not matter. Rules appear to matter. Humans adhere to laws. We use laws to create worldly order. All well and good. But no human being has limits. No human can be bound unless humans believe themselves to be bound, in mind.

Of course,observing life seems to present a different scenario. People complain about laws, rules, regulations and all manner of restrictions. But just because people believe in ideas does not make the ideas true. Little kids believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. Eventually, teenagers realize each fictitious figure plays a role in the wonder of childhood but neither is true or real.

Life gets easier without rules. Life gets tougher with rules. Humans are energetic beings sans limit. Unlimited balls of energy do not obey a strict set of rules to be happy, peaceful and free. Humans make life miserable by doing everything according to rules because by definition, rules rule you. Rules keep you doing one thing in one spot for a set period of time. In essence, all rules limit you horribly.

Laws do have some place in an orderly society but only because most humans have no idea who we are and what we are capable of, on the whole. As more humans become aware of our limitless nature, laws once honored will dissolve into harmony, freedom and one-ness. Every law is fear. Every law restricts you for some fear-reason. Fear is illusion. Fear is not real. Fear appears to be real but appearances are not true or real.

Honor worldly laws laid out by government but never bind yourself as you follow worldly laws. Every time you honor a government law you have 1 billion or more options to free yourself from the imagined, illusory shackles of any law. Be a law-abiding citizen but a limitless being.

Rules help create order but the universe is flux. One orderly moment appears to evolve into chaos in the next moment. What is change-less appears to change. What is absolute appears to be not super absolute. Honor your true nature by honoring worldly laws but tossing most other rules in the trash.

I break most blogging rules honored by the conventional blogging masses. I do at least a tiny bit OK, blogging-wise. But breaking some rules seemed scary to me. My ego balked. I felt nervous to do things differently. My intuition told me to break blogging rules. My heart knew to step away from the blogging herd. But my ego felt uncomfortable being unruly, protested and rejected my rule-breaking ways through its absurd fears.

I simply never looked back. I faced fear, broke more rules and here I am.

Naturally, intrinsically, you and I are free beings. Following rules appears to constrict freedom. Depression ensues. Humans go from cradle to grave without breaking a single worldly rule or governmental law, being depressed, bound, sad and scared for the majority of their journey. Do you believe an unlimited being lives a human experience to bind itself with rules?

Break some rules. Break some more. Break them all, if your intuition tells you to do so.

Honor governmental laws but break every other rule your heart tells you to break.

Be a free spirit.

Be your natural self.

Live your natural state.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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