Who Do You Really Follow Online?

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As my mass unfollow on social media continues – 20,000 plus people in 8 days – I observe who I really followed over the years.

I gave much of my attention and energy to following trustworthy mentors online but also gave way too much attention and energy to trusting fear-filled folks. I also gave way too much attention and energy to scrolling through off topic, lower energy updates on my social media streams because I followed folks vibing heavily from fear, lack and limitation.

No human being is 100% resonant with another human being's social media updates 100% of the time. But wasting seconds, minutes and collectively hours wading through your social media main feed to find something:

  • uplifting
  • loving
  • caring
  • harmonious
  • high energy

signals that a mass unfollow is imminent.

I learned this lesson after observing my main Twitter stream evolve into a news feed a little over a week ago. One blinding light bulb went off over my head; almost all people I followed on Twitter published a majority of content non-resonant with me, my values and my take on life. Why follow people who do not value what I value?

I own following any human with a pulse during my unclear days. I also have to correct the situation by unfollowing every person non-resonant with me.

Who do you follow on social media? Do you feel virtually 100% resonant with who they are, what they value and the content they publish on social media? Stop following people solely because you:

  • fear you have not met enough people
  • fear not being loved by enough people
  • fear not being accepted by enough people
  • fear not being popular
  • fear missing out
  • fear being rude
  • fear feeling guilty about unfollowing people

Face, feel and release each fear. Even though mass unfollowing folks you no longer vibe with feels uncomfortable, the peace of mind, clarity and overall love you feel following a select, few, loving, compassionate friends and mentors is worth a bit of discomfort. Let go who needs to go in order to evolve into the person you are meant to be. Let go fear to be love.

Stop following anybody just because they are a human being with perhaps some passing resonance. Definitely stop following people solely because they are fans of your work. Simply develop bonds with fans through:

  • @replies
  • DMs
  • Messages
  • comments

to foster friendships, to build your business and to keep following a few select pro's pros who keep you on the straight and narrow in life. Humbly follow a few and also understand that your role to other folks is to be a mentor, and a leader, not a fellow follower. This point feels uncomfortable for most to hug because folks tend to have a poor self image versus owning how wonderful, special and follow-worthy we all are, when we step into our greatness.

Follow a few high energy leaders. Let go everybody else to clean up your energy. Bond with loyal fans not by following them – because many will fill your stream with various content not resonant with leadership and empowerment – but by bonding with them through @replies, DMs, Messages and comments.

Purify your energy.

Feel better and better.

Be a bright, shining light for the world.

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