How to Deal with Failures in Your life?

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What do you consider to be a failure? And do you know how to deal with failures? For me, failure is directly related to some mental disturbance.

I think the prime goal of our life as humans is to be happy and help others. If we are unable to do so, then it is a failure. A failure of being human. Are you getting what I want to say?

Let me explain with the help of some examples. You are married, are committed to your spouse. And you have built trust in the heart of your partner. Suddenly something happens, and all the trust which you made for years got shattered. What will you say this? Is it not a failure of your relation?

Definitely yes. To explain these failures is the motto of this article. You will get to know about different types of losses and how to deal with those failures. So, stay tuned to the last.

Importance of Failures in Our Life

It is life, and life is never a fairy tale. Life is all about failing, succeeding, and again struggling for something new. We can say, failures are indirectly the driving force which helps us to become better. They help to do something new and unique each passing day.

If life were free from problems, we would have never understood the value of happiness. The sorrow which we experience makes the joy more delightful. The pain makes the relief more feelable. And after all, it is life, and we have to experience both pain and happiness. So, despite making failures the reason to cry, let us make them the lessons of life. Trust me, and you will enjoy the process of struggling, failing, again struggling, and finally succeeding.

Different Type of Failures and How to Deal with Them

Failures that we as humans experience in our life is of many types. But in this post, we will be talking about two of the most common ones. One is a failure related to the career, and the other is a failure related to love life.

Everyone has some goals in life. And we all want that goal to be achieved at any cost. But do you think all of us invest our full energy to get that we desire?

I will give you the answer. Only 1 percent of people work day and night to make their dreams come true. Most of us dream big but put very little effort into making that happen. 

The above was the negative aspect of being a career failure. Many are there who work hard, still are not able to achieve their desired wants. When we fail, we feel pain and demotivated. Now, this is the situation that decides the further consequences of your life.

There are two paths to choose after failing- 

1.Either you accept that you are a failure (and keep cursing your fate for this) 


2.You try to learn from your previous mistakes or lacks to do the things in a better and planned way.

My dear friend, to deal with failures related to your career, you can follow some golden tips:

  • Find out your mistakes and lacking and correct them to do better for future goals.
  • Always be a learner. Never give excuses; the people who want to succeed always find solutions.
  • If one route is blocked, don't think life ends there. If you behave patiently, you will find more and better career routes.
  • Never give up. Single or few failures can never calculate your potential. In many cases, you must have seen that there lies an extremely unsuccessful phase in the life of super successful persons.

Everyone falls in love, at least once in their life. No one can say I have not loved anyone. As long we exist, our emotions exist; till then, the desire to be loved will stay in our hearts.

Now, do you think everyone gets the love of their life? No, my dear friend. This is life, and life is quite different from the cinema. When we go to watch movies, we experience the way the screen wants us to feel. But in life, we meet people with contradicting feelings and thoughts.

Do you believe in vibes? We come across many people in our life. But with a few of them, our vibes match. Let me clear you one thing first. The connection of vibes is not always relatable. And it may or may not last for the whole life.

Life is all about changing relations and feelings. If you get attracted towards someone for their particular trait, you might not feel drawn with that trait in the future too.

There is a vast difference between love and attraction. When we confuse both the terms, our journey with our partner will not that amazing as we expect.

And as humans, we often fall into the trap of attraction more quickly than love. And when this happens, we feel our life is going to end. We feel emotionless. And trust me, emotional failure is something which is most challenging to tackle.

But as we are the creator of our problems, God has given us the capacity to solve them too. If you feel like coming out of some failure in your love life, you should follow the following tips:

  • Always remember nothing is irreparable. Even if you have the most painful heartbreak, you can find someone waiting for you. Of course, not that like in Cinemas, but you can find your partner again. There are lots of broken hearts in the world. Go, and find them out.
  • Be choosy this time. Let your heart and brain together decide while again falling for a mate. Never forget the pain which you felt the first time. Make that pain your advisor. Play smart this time.
  • Try to know more about the person whom you see as your future partner. Meet frequently, share feelings, and spend quality time together. Doing so will make you know about the person more. 

Wrapping up

I hope you enjoyed reading the article, and it felt connectable to your feelings. Remember, my dear friend, we all fail and make mistakes. But life is not about how many times we failed. Life is all about developing a positive perspective. Nothing is forever, and there is nothing which we can't get over.

About the Author 

Shubhaa Tiwari

I am a blogger at JustWomenWorld, who loves to explore new ideas and help women define their personalities in a more powerful and beautiful way. Mostly I write articles related to women's empowerment and the life of a woman. I believe that every woman is unique and is full of all capabilities to handle herself gracefully.

  • Hello Shubhaa,

    Failures are frustrating at times, but at the same time failures play important roles in our life as well. Every failure teaches us something which we should work upon to get success later.

    When we talk about Failures, I have seen many failures in blogging, but, they happened for good because I learned a lot by making those mistakes. I failed many times, but I learned a lot of things because of them too.

    So, I think, just take things positively, and keep them as learnings, and go ahead in life. Not just in the work, but the same happens in life too.

  • Excellent post on how to deal with failures and how they can help us. Although I don't necessarily would see them as failures, but more as moments for growth and learning. If a relationship ends, things have ot gone well, but it doesn't have to be a failure. I think the real failure is not willing to learn from mistakes or things going wrong. But again, this is a great post on becoming aware of things not going as plannend and learning from it.

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