Do You Live in a Carefully Constructed Comfortable Bubble?

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I lived in a carefully constructed, neatly-designed, mindfully engineered bubble earlier in my life.

I made a few close friends. We largely agreed on everything. Minus some mild, good-natured, cajone-busting, we seamlessly integrated with one another.

I created a bubble of comfort to avoid:

  • criticism
  • rejection
  • loss
  • facing fear
  • facing pain
  • failing

My bubble included working easy jobs, going to the gym and watching TV. Everything felt comfortable.

Everything changed the moment I made a momentous decision after being let go of my security guard job.

Entrepreneur Choice

Versus sprinting back to my bubble by getting another job to pay bills, put a roof over my head and food on my table, I chose to become an entrepreneur. I craved freedom.


Making that decision instantaneously burst my carefully constructed, comfortable bubble. I immediately had to begin facing my:

  • fear of poverty
  • fear of failure
  • fear of criticism

head on, because entrepreneurs need to generously and genuinely create, connect and network miles outside of their comfort zone, routinely, habitually and persistently.

I upped the ante by deciding to circle the globe with my wife. Ego came tumbling down. I felt free but also had to face my deepest fears as I attempted to build my business while traveling the world. Nothing pushes you outside of your comfort zone like traveling internationally.

Quantum Leap Squirm

Imagine how much I squirmed making a quantum leap from having a small collection of close friends, virtually never being criticized, working a job to cover my finances, going to the gym and watching TV to circling the globe while building my blogging business?

Me and my wife became surrounded by strangers. Critics assailed me online while I struggled horribly to make a penny; literally. I even felt uncomfortable receiving praise from strangers; why did I deserve love?

Wading through these fears and pains felt horrible but liberation awaited for me on the other side of these fears. Life waited for me outside of my comfortable bubble.

I invite you to leave your comfort zone bubble of familiar friends, virtually zero criticism, financial stability and worldly agreement. Observe how angry you become when a complete stranger genuinely disagrees with you for the first time in an offline or online, public setting. Watch how you feel after the first time a client refuses to pay you because they believe you did such a terrible job. See how you feel after receiving your first biting, 1 star, Amazon review.

Welcome to living your dreams. Welcome to freedom. Welcome to circling the globe as a pro entrepreneur, soaking up life, feeling fulfilled and being a bright light for others.

Most Humans Would Rather Die than Be Uncomfortable

A hefty percentage of the population in the Western world predominantly makes a series of comfortable, depressing, misery-inducing choices keeping them inside of their agonizing bubble until they enter an early grave in tidy fashion.

Perhaps they die brutally of heart disease or cancer because they chose to be comfortable, to eat an unhealthy diet, to skip on exercising and to avoid being out in the sometimes critical world, but at least they did not fail, get criticized or be ashamed! Phew. Blessed relief.

Do you see how insane ego is? People die, premature horrific deaths and endure agonizing suffering by making comfortable, depressing choices for decades that destroy their peace of mind and physical health but that allow them to avoid feeling 5 minutes of embarrassment, 2 minutes of shame, and 30 minutes of feeling like a complete moron after an utter stranger makes fun of you or criticizes you.

I recall a few months ago. My mother-in-law had just died. My wife and I had sold the house one week prior. She called me upset because I needed to rush back home to board the cats to bring to their next home. Fear manifest as heart-breaking grief coursed through my being. Letting go my beloved cats Delilah, Isa and Molly felt like a nightmare. I was in such a rush that I stumbled and almost fell as paper towels flew off of the shopping cart.

A few people in the parking lot light-heartedly, good-naturedly said:

“Hey buddy; looks like it's not your day,” smiling.

I felt embarrassment mixed with shame for 5 seconds. I then genuinely felt like expressing my fear, pain and intense grief versus burying these energies into anger and pain, and said:

“Yep it's a tough one. My mother-in-law just died, I am rushing home now to give up my cats forever and my wife is a little upset.”

I grinned to break any tension, scooped up the paper towels and sprinted to the car.

The people became quiet, felt a bit sheepish and I simply drove home.

I had no malice, anger or shaming intent to share those words. I simply live outside of my comfort bubble, express myself honestly, and continue to liberate myself by being genuine, authentic and present.

Do the same to liberate yourself from fear, pain and the matrix of hell these repressed emotions inside of your comfortable bubble manifest

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