Why Life Gets Easier for Connected People

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Mastering the skill of befriending people makes life easier and easier.

Problems dissolve the moment you ask friends for help. Friends offer help in all types of areas.

My dad had work done on the house a while back. He had a number of folks lined up to complete various jobs within days. Why? He is connected. He has a large network of friends to ask for help because he has been there for his friends for a long time. Meanwhile, folks not connected spend significant time reaching out to strangers to build a list of contractors.

He personally knew trusted contractors. But his friends knew even more trusted contractors. Observe the power of connecting yourself to humanity; passive, trusted, organic help, love and support flows to you through specialists your friends know, but, you do not know.

Active Not Passive Process

Getting connected is not a passive act. Connect yourself to human beings. Make contact. Listen. Share. Help. Be there.

Be a friend to become a friend. As your bonds strengthen, so do opportunities. Help awaits because you surrounded yourself with love. But you only surround yourself with love by being loving, caring and helpful to your friends.

Easier Life

I built up a healthy-sized friend network over the years. My wife also has a nice-sized network of loving, loyal friends, from her relatives to folks outside of her family.

We sold the house to become full time digital nomads about 2 months ago. Although we rent places or house sit, we have a few friends and family who told us we always have a place to stay on your journey. The door is open. Always.

What happens if thru some crazy scenario that house sitting and rentals dry up? Loners would panic. Kelli and I would have loving homes waiting for us for a sustained period of time.

Life gets easier and easier for connected people because versus living according to your singular efforts you have a large, loyal friend network helping you, aiding you, supporting you, teaching you and lifting you higher.

Never Go Solo

True; every human needs to go solo here and there to discover who they are but most of your human journey should involve growing a loving, loyal friend network.

Lone wolves die during tough winters. Going solo makes you distrustful of the world around you. Rejecting help because you have so few – if any – friends makes life difficult, complex, miserable and depressing.

Never cut yourself off from the world because immense suffering, pain and a general tension ensues.

Meet people offline. Open your mouth. Make friends.

Connect with like-minded people online. Join Facebook Groups aligned with your interests. Follow hashtags on Twitter related to your hobbies. Follow Pinterest boards in alignment with your passions.

Be generous. Help people. Be there for them. Observe your friend network grow.

As you make more friends and strengthen these bonds through regular contact, any problem dissolves into the collective love, support and expertise of your friend network.


After my mother-in-law's passing, my sister-in-law knew a funeral director and realtor within her friend network. She knows everybody it seems because she naturally built up a huge, loyal friend network over the years.

We had trusted people to handle two delicate, important functions at a difficult time because sisters stayed in touch and remained friends.

Never tune out family and expect them to be friends just because you are blood relatives.

I keep in touch with all of my family because even though our bond is organically strong, it still helps to be friends too, to keep connections intact.

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