Why Does Letting It Go Have Immense Power in its Meaning?

by Ryan Biddulph

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You tell people to “let it go”.

You have been told to “let it go”.

But what does “let it go” really mean?

Literally, letting it go means allowing a thing, a situation, a circumstance or interaction go away, aka leave, aka exit, on its own power. You have the full power to hold on to anything or anyone or to let the thing move on via its own, or, to allow the person to move on, via its own power.

Rethinking this phrase from a literal perspective reflects your god-like power (lowercase “g”). Literally, where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Immense Power Within

You either choose to cling to a person, circumstance or thing or let the person, circumstance or thing go on its own power. Think about that for a second; literally, every single one of your problems WANTS to sprint away from you (to be quickly replaced by new solution ideas, circumstances and people) but your vice-like grip keeps the problem in place. Why? Fear. Uncomfortable feelings. People fear letting go because releasing attachments may feel painful, sad, depressing or terrifying. 

Humans tend to deeply fear the unknown. Allowing something or someone to go of its own accord means a new something or someone shows up. Nature abhors a vacuum. New things, ideas or people feel uncomfortable to meet, to process and to understand. Developing new relationships with things and people feels uncomfortable too.

But facing, feeling and releasing these uncomfortable emotions makes life predominantly fun, freeing and virtually suffering-free. All suffering grows out of attachment. Suffering cannot exist in a detached, calm human being.

Let It Go

Every time I publish a blog post or guest post I promote it via my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. I then let it go. I let the content do what it wants to do.

Meanwhile, legions of bloggers cling to a blog post with a vice-like grip. Bloggers spend hours promoting the post through all types of channels. Even worse? Bloggers check post stats incessantly. This is the opposite of letting it go. This is holding onto to a post, clinging to content and creating a tether-like attachment causing untold suffering, pain and struggle.

Let the freaking post go! Move on to writing and publishing the next blog post or guest post. Or move on to promoting another blogger to build your network. Or move on to enjoying a cup of coffee. 

Bloggers who let go one piece of content to do what it does become wildly successful through the concept of developing their abundance mentality. Abundant-minded bloggers create one piece of content, publish the content and immediately move on to creating and publishing the next piece of content. Such bloggers publish thousands of posts and guest posts by year’s end while the rest of the blogging world publishes a few blog posts during the same time frame. 

Most bloggers publish one post but do not let it go. Stat-checking, promoting and sitting around ensues. Abundant-minded bloggers reach the top of their niche by publishing content prolifically because they let each post go to move on to the next blog post.

Let it go. Any problem, issue or obstacle literally sprints away from you the moment you genuinely let it go via its own power. Solutions replace the problem in mind, making for a seamless transition from tension to ease.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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