Why Being Highly Skeptical Tends to Ruin Your Life

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Never believe everything that flows down the pike to you.

But at least be open-minded.

Highly skeptical people tend to live somewhat – if not entirely – miserable lives. Imagine an existence based primarily on not believing or trusting fellow human beings? Imagine how much time you waste carefully debunking or proving genuine people? Trusting no one until you vet information creates a leaden weight holding you down and retarding your growth.

I developed an intuitive skill after interacting with folks from all over the world spanning the past decade of my life. I can largely feel if someone lies or tells the truth. Honing this skill lets me be open-minded to everything but discerning in releasing lies from less genuine people.

Imagine if I closed my mind to everyone because I took no one at their word? What a terrible existence! Observe how easily dogs and even some cats trust people implicitly. Dogs and kitties warm up to me and my wife after a few hours or days as we house sit around the globe. Humans seem to have a more difficult time trusting save the rare few.

Being Skeptical Has Its Benefits

Not believing everything you hear helps you avoid lies, misinformation and other dead ends. Be open-minded but filter information through your intuition. Trust your gut. Avoid wasting precious time and energy chasing illusions. Spend that time and energy getting the real 411.

But do not close your mind to people because genuine human beings gladly impart truths if you open up to people. 

Beware Pride

Many staunch skeptics take great pride in their skepticism but these fools delude themselves into feeling good about wasting countless hours disproving, debunking and invalidating information.

Pride blinds you from seeing clearly because pride attaches you to yourself, your ego, your thoughts and your feelings. How can you clearly *see* your fellow human beings, their truths and their energy if you are all caught up in your proud little, ego-centric Universe?

Trade your pride for humility. Open your mind to people. Learn how to trust truth tellers. Save time and energy for the important things in life. 

Why do you need to prove true information offered you by other authentic, honest humans? Take them at their word. Good, honest people tell the truth. Trust their truths. Open your mind to open your little corner of the Universe to more fun, freeing, fascinating experiences.

Sasquatch Country

I am living in the Adirondacks in NY state for the next month. This 6 million acre forest is the largest protected natural area in the lower 48 of the United States.

As you may recall from my prior posts, I enjoy following the subject of Sasquatch in part because believing in their existence demands most humans to open their minds and trust the tens of thousands of human beings who share genuine, honest experiences with forest people all over the vast wilderness of the USA.

I spotted un-natural tree bends today and a 20 foot, green as can be, 8 inch thick, healthy young sapling that appeared to be ripped out of the ground during my morning hike today. Of course, people have reported 2 Sasquatch sightings within 5-10 minutes from where I saw possible evidence of the forest people.

I have never seen these hairy folks but am open-minded enough to trust tens of thousands of honest, good, decent people sharing their highly detailed, vivid encounters with Sasquatch, most of which follow specific behavioral patterns of these big guys and gals.

Staunch skeptics laugh off the Sasquatch topic but wouldn’t it be a miserable, depressing existence to completely close yourself off from a sense of mystery, truths shared from your fellow human beings and the fascinating development of a big, highly intelligent, relative of human beings living in the forest?

Open your mind. Get more out of life. Trust honest people. The world offers so much for open-minded individuals, like a kid in a candy shop.

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