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Scan the top 10 news headlines today.

Do any of the top 10 headlines make you feel amazing, relaxed, happy, joyous or elated?

If yes, good for you. Following the news uplifts you, empowers you and energizes you to be the person who shines brightly for the world.

Now that we have returned from lala land, most people will report feelings of fear, terror, anger, rage, depression and an overall anxiety after scanning the top 10 headlines today. The news headlines pull you down, victimize you, saps your energy and turns you into a negative nellie.

Why read, process and make important – and less important – life decisions based on headlines that scare you? Why decide to live your life based on headlines explicitly crafted to make you live in a state of fear?

Quick Test

This quick, easy test once again alerts you as to why you should largely if not completely avoid the news.

I generally do not follow the news but any time a genuinely news worthy item arises I get wind from humanity. Human beings alert me to scan a headline detailing some new law I need to follow. Save reading about recent law changes, I do not follow the news because if I continue to take care of my mind, body and other human beings I will continue to live my dreams.

The news does not scare me because I live mainly from love, trust, knowing and serenity. The news would scare me if I lived mainly from fear, distrust, doubt and mental chaos. The fear begins in your mind before finding resonance with the news.

This is why some rocking folks appear to get pulled into certain news headlines. Imagine if you generated a fear of dis-ease, or sickness, in your mind. Scanning a news headline touting how a young, healthy person died suddenly from a specific sickness scares you because *you* fear sickness in your mind. 

The news reels you in, from there.

But if you are so focused on health, wellness, ease and peace of mind that you devote hours of your day to meditating, doing yoga and exercising, the fear of sickness all but dies in your mind. No incredibly rare, outlier case of a young person dying from some disease scares you because you do not cling to strong fears of disease or death.

News Comes from the Heart

Do you fear missing important information if you stop watching the news?

All guidance you need comes from the heart.

Do you fear getting sick? Listen to intuitive nudges to eat a diet rich with fruit and veggies, to meditate for 30 minutes daily, to do Kriya yoga for 30 minutes daily and to exercise for 60 minutes daily. Or perhaps you begin each at 5 minutes per clip. Either way, following this serious routine makes you fit, healthy and energized for decades if you put in 1000's of hours worth of energy management.

But if you fear you have no time for doing health-promoting things every day, honoring your fear influences you to be terrified of failing ill which scares you into watching the news.

The news scares you into separation, division, fighting, forcing things and freaking out over 1,001 different news headlines daily. But your intuitive gives you constant counsel for living in harmony, health, prosperity and One-ness.

The heart has all of the answers, content and information you will ever need to be happy, peaceful, safe and secure during your human experience. Yep; trusting your gut even alerts you to when to turn on the news for some incredibly rare life or death matter, or perhaps, for important recent law changes.

Turn off the news and tune in to your intuition.

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