Do You Flow with Change or Fight Change?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Two blogs where I guest posted changed hands this past week. One new owner decided to move in a different direction. The jury remains out with the other owner.

I published 1200 guest posts and 300 guest posts respectively on each site. I will no longer be guest posting on one blog. I likely will not be guest posting on the other blog. No worries. I flow with change. I know all of the content I published through each blog honed my skills, expanded my reach and accelerated my online success. Nothing good gets wasted if you flow and grow through change.

I already ramped up guest posting on this rocking blog. I will gobble up other guest posting opportunities too. Why? Being abundant-minded focuses you on opportunities for gain versus complaining about loss.

Most Bloggers Bemoan Loss

I know many bloggers who’d complain about losing not 1, but 2 guest posting opportunities in 1 week. But this makes zero sense. Unfortunately, any time you act from energies of fear, scarcity and poverty, none of what you do makes much sense. 

Loss is illusion and only gain is real in a universe of abundance.

Flow with change to move gracefully through life. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Simply be present with any change-motivated fears that arise. Clear the fears. Proceed to go with the flow of change.

Change Is the Only Constant

Change is the only dependable concept influencing a worldly life because everything in time changes. Fighting change is a lesson in insanity because life becomes one big old fight for the fool who resists change. Railing against the inevitable is a lesson in delusion.

Some people design their life to keep things as constant as possible. Change absolutely obliterates these folks because the change-resistant crowd clings to a past that no longer exists.

10 years ago I could game Google with low quality, article base type content, if I chose to do so. Of course, I moved in the opposite direction. But internet marketers, bloggers and other online entrepreneurs dropped like flies as Google improved its algorithms over the years for sniffing out low quality content and relegating this garbage to the sandbox. The foolish people who refused to change lost all of their Google traffic and online profits.

Flexible bloggers decided to honor Google’s demands, publishing in-depth, quality content to rank well on the search giant. Google upped its game once again over the past few years; page 1 posts need authority, organic backlinks to prove their mettle. Now bloggers need to be skilled outreach pros to build friendships with fellow top bloggers in their niche.

Be flexible. Face change. Embrace discomfort. Evolve. Grow through change versus going through change. Some folks bemoan how going through change ruined their lives. But wise individuals grow through change to improve their lives.

Since change is a non-negotiable you may as well grow through flux as you learn more about yourself and the world around you.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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