2 Signs of Emotional Intelligence

by Ryan Biddulph

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I observed two experiences from the past few days of my life pointing to an expanding emotional intelligence within me.

Being emotionally intelligent enhances your experience greatly. Be aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Know thyself. Liberate yourself from fear. Live from energies of love, compassion and freedom.

Let's breakdown the experiences.

Release Relationships Long Outgrown

I come across folks I did business with during less posturing times in my life. Developing greater posture lets me release bonds long outgrown because letting go non-matches signifies expanded emotional intelligence. Highly aware individuals drop a worn out bond instantly for the sake of both parties.

Someone emailed me to place a sponsored post. I did business with the individual many months ago. I politely replied with my new rates and requested for him to reply only if he agreed to my rates. He complained about clients being on a tight budget and asked for super low prices.

I gave him a rare pass because we did prior business; I label all bartering emails as spam per my ad rates page. But he replied a second time with a demand to publish his sponsored post at a rate 1/2th of my current rate. I immediately spammed and blocked all future emails from him. Why? I expanded my emotional intelligence enough to see our bond became worn out. Nothing personal; just my peace of mind, freedom and blogging business at stake.

I vibed with his fear to spend money when I feared charging more money and lacked some posture. But now I do not cling to the same fear and have stronger posture while he remains stuck in the same poverty conscious ways. Being aware of this chasm between us lets me block him and move on because fear has no place in my life.

Let go human beings you no longer resonate with. Display your increased emotional intelligence. Allow both parties to find ideal matches at this current stage of development.

Openness to Different Viewpoints

My wife and I observed a coyote hunting in a field by the house today as we arrived to a remote area of the Adirondacks. Being animal lovers, we found him cute.

But a neighbor rolled by and promised to hunt the coyote later today because ‘yotes seem to be killing deer left and right. He made true on his promise; we heard 3 shots a few hours after. I hope he did not kill the canine because I love animals and know the coyote simply acts on its instincts.

Even though I do not kill flies or mosquitoes – I do eat meat when I feel weak or somewhat anemic but save that, I have nothing to do with killing living things – I appreciated the hunter's perspective on the coyote because I am emotionally intelligent enough to see how hunting the canines may establish balance in the local ecosystem.

I did not call the man a bloodthirsty killer. I do not kill things but understand why people do kill things because I am open to different viewpoints.

Humans of low emotional intelligence close their minds to differing viewpoints. People of high emotional intelligence open their minds to points of view quite different from their own.

See the world from other people's perspectives. Judge less. Accept people more.

Let go old, worn out bonds.

Be open to different viewpoints.

Boost your emotional intelligence.

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Ryan Biddulph

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