1 Odd Ego Excuse Regarding Happy People

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For odd reasons, ego creates this excuse regarding happy people:

“Well, that person is happy because they did not need to face all the problems, pains and suffering I am facing now.”


But ego loves honoring illusions. Ego believes happy people are robots, not human beings. Ego turns sentient, feeling human beings into God, in a bizarre way.

Happy people seem happy to ego because happy people never faced unhappiness. Naturally, ego pleases itself into eternal unhappiness because obviously, if the only way to be happy is to experience a lack of problems then you are toast because you have problems.


Happy People Faced What You Fear Facing

I cannot begin to explain the emotions I faced, felt, bathed in, hugged, swam in and fully drank up as my mom fell deeper into a terminal illness that wiped away her memory, personality, mind and body, to where she now moves her head a few inches to ensure she is fed, to survive. Nor can I explain how I felt when I pondered killing myself more than a few times well before my mom's illness. I even planned it out a bit.

Do I seem like a happy guy? I am. I feel at peace most of the time, too. Ask my wife. To her sometimes chagrin, interacting with a serene human being in face of life's trial, tribulations and challenges feels maddening.

But the only reason I am serene is because I fully embraced feeling so much fear, pain, grief, agony and suffering that I planned how to jump off a 15 story building to ensure I would finish the job and die. No sense being sloppy. I needed to get the job done.

Now do you see why I am happy? I faced, felt, processed and released my deepest, darkest fears. What's left, after you face, feel and release your deepest, darkest fears, black hole miseries and traumatic terrors?

Peace. Happiness. Serenity. Calm. Aka, our natural, human state.

I have ample fears of course because I am not enlightened. But the deep, dark ones are pretty much gone. I proceed through life largely calm, confident and relaxed.

Ego Con Game

Tell your ego to cease playing the silly con game.

Happy people faced, felt and released their deepest, darkest fears and pains to be happy.

If you are not happy, you have not faced, felt and released your deepest, darkest fears and pains to be happy. Do it. Be happy. Or don't do it and be unhappy. Your choice. But do not let ego off the hook or else ego does all in its power to prevent you from facing, feeling and releasing your deepest, darkest fears.

Is Life One Big Experience of Facing Horrors?


Life is following your freedom as you unearth resistance here and there, along the way.

Happy, serene people spend a few moments facing pulsating, deep fears to clear the fears. After those select few, intense moments, days and weeks and months may pass with largely serene, calm vibes flooding your being.

But fear-vibes also arise during those months, here and there. Again; these moments are few and far between, generally.

Follow your dreams right into your dread. No worries; fear finds you.

Follow your passion right into your problems. No worries; fear finds you.

Follow your fun right into your fears. No worries; fear finds you.

Ego is odd; ego says you are unhappy and others are happy because the billions of living, breathing, sentient, feeling human beings who live now and lived before you never had to face your fears, problems and obstacles.

Do you realize how insane that sounds? But the ego IS insane, literally. Ego sees what is not there, a key element to being completely insane.

Face, feel and release your fears, pains and sufferings. Observe as your peace of mind, happiness and serenity expands.

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