1 Common Cause of Failure Related to Playing Small

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People tend to fail at ventures by playing small for playing big would mean facing all types of fears.

Imagine you start blogging. See grand dreams. Feel the freedom of circling the globe through this fabulous medium. But you only publish one post monthly. Publishing monthly is playing woefully small. Why do you play small? Perhaps you know failure is imminent publishing monthly but at least you avoid the fears of:

  • criticism
  • increased responsibility
  • rejection
  • handling increasing amounts of money
  • losing freedom

by playing small because playing big guarantees both greater success and each of those fears triggering in your being.

Even though this scenario sounds insane we have already established; ego is insane. If an insane entity calls the shots simply expect to do insane things and get insane results.

I do not mean the clinical definition of insane. I mean not perceiving the world in the light of truth, clarity, balance and poise.

Playing Small Feels Miserable But Comfortable

Playing small – shying away from your dreams – feels miserable, depressing and hopeless. But at least you avoid all deep, uncomfortable fears faced if you played big. Of course, you avoid freedom, peace of mind and serenity, too.

Here's a common one; people play small for fear of being rejected by their family if they succeeded, made oodles of money and inspired the world as a bright light.

Families often spread common meme's around the dinner table at night:

  • rich people are crooked aka dishonest
  • money is the root of all evil
  • entrepreneurs are wheeling and dealing, less than honest shills who are always out to make money at any cost

Imagine growing up with these ideas in your head. Imagine beginning an aspiring pro blogging career believing rich, successful people are dishonest, evil shills. Guaranteed, you play small to avoid becoming the crooked, evil shill who gets rejected by your family. Images of your family mocking you, teasing you, criticizing you and even celebrating your early day failure so you avoid going down the evil path appear on the screen of your mind.

Never underestimate ego's love of misery and depression over its sheer terror of facing deep, pulsating fears that would make the ego irrelevant.

Play Big

Play big. Dream big dreams. Pick a fun, freeing intent for doing what you do. Allow your love of freedom to nudge you outside of your comfort zone into the big dawg circles of your niche.

Playing big guarantees that you face your deepest fears. Facing your deepest fears guarantees that you see fear is an illusion, not real, not really there. Fear feels uncomfortable to experience but the feeling is not real or true, a construct created by the not real ego to create the illusion of safety, comfort and misery.

Carefully deconstruct fears like embarrassment, shame and humiliation as you choose to play big and face these fears along the way. Pay close attention to poverty conscious fears too; each plays a chief role in playing small and always get triggered as you choose to play big, to increase your income and to free yourself.

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