Never Mistake Intelligence for Emotional Intelligence

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Perhaps you are really smart.

You know how to do all types of things.

But you fear doing these things.

Being smart does not benefit someone of low emotional intelligence.

Having book smarts means you acquired oodles of knowledge. Think, Jeopardy contestant winner. Awesome.

Being emotionally intelligent indicates you are highly aware of your feelings. Think Buddhist monk.

Smart people get rich and go broke. Ditto for emotionally intelligent people.

But on the whole, emotionally intelligent people rule the world, live with zest and inspire the masses because self-aware people face, feel and release their fears to charge forward. Even if these folks are not book smart they experience the happiest lives successful people are hyper aware of self more than any other quality.

Never confuse the two forms of intelligence though because trusting smart people who offer advice from an emotionally unintelligent vibe of fear pulls you down the same fear-filled path.

Being smart does not benefit people who do not leave their comfort zone. Being smart does not benefit people who do not face their fears.

Trucker with MIT Degree

I recall talking to a trucker during my pier guard days.

He seemed depressed because he drove a truck to make little money despite boasting his degree from prestigious MIT.

He was a brilliant intellectual but his low emotional intelligence made him afraid of life. The trucker did not become aware of his fears. Naturally, he made choices based on his deep fears and low self-esteem to drive a truck for a few bucks versus landing a high-paying, fulfilling job using his intellect.

Note; truck driving is a worthy endeavor that keeps the USA – and world – humming along. But this man felt depressed driving trucks and would have rather used his brilliance to work a high paying job.

Low Emotional Intelligence Means Problems

I recall a former co-worker.

He was a highly intelligent, skilled indivdiual.

But he harbored a low enough emotional intelligence to actually insult people to their face because he clung to such a condescending attitude.

He was smart intellectually but emotionally stupid.

Of course, everybody tired of his ways and he eventually got fired from a temp job for doing something dishonest, because he always thought he was above the job and figured he'd fool the dopes around him.

Why would a guy with 6 figure smarts get fired from a temp job? His low emotional intelligence guaranteed he became completely unaware of his fears and pains, said fears and pains manifesting as a superiority complex, general lack of tact and the idea that he needed no one's help to succeed.

He paid a steep price for his lack of emotional intelligence even though he was a smart guy.

My Gig

I am not too smart intellectually but do exhibit a high degree of emotional intelligence.

Largely, I know myself. I am fairly aware of my thoughts and feelings, especially my fears.

I may not be super smart but I have:

  • circled the globe for a decade as a pro blogger
  • been pitched and featured by Fox News, Entrepreneur, Virgin and Forbes
  • been a contributor for a blog with contributors Mark Cuban and Seth Godin

I prove that you do not have to be smart but you better be highly emotionally intelligent if you want to be in contributor circles with billionaire iconic NBA team owners and perhaps the greatest marketing mind on earth.

Expanding my awareness to face, feel and release my fears as I follow my fun is how I did it and you'll take a similar path to develop your emotional intelligence.

Being smart helps you but being aware can make you appear to be a god among men…..and women.

I once wrote and published 30 guest posts in a single day for clients during my freelance writing days. Honest to goodness, smarts had little to do with it but being hyper aware of my fears manifest as limiting beliefs had everything to do with the feat.

Being emotionally intelligent certainly has its benefits.

Gain book smarts but dive into fear to gain precious street smarts as you come to know yourself as you really are.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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