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How to Get Advice From Fellow Business Owners

This last week, I attended an online marketing class from one of the well-known stars. With hundreds of years of experience in the room, I was looking forward to exchanging ideas with fellow business owners. Unfortunately, even with a VIP pass, that opportunity never presented itself.

How to Get Advice From Other Business Owners

With everything going on, I've stopped hosting our local business owner roundtable groups and started replicating those online. One thing this experience reminded me of is the massive advantage smaller groups like our business roundtable groups offer. If you're in a small group, you can actually ask questions and get responses.

If you want to get advice from other business owners, start going to small groups.

Business Owners Meeting and Exchanging Advice
Meet with other owners in a smaller group to get advice
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Small Business Owner Groups are Better

When less than twenty of us were sitting around a table, everyone got a chance to talk. When you have a hundred people in the room, that doesn't happen.

If you want advice from other business owners, join a small group.

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