Do You Evolve or De-volve?

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Every day, you have a precious opportunity to grow. Each day, you can free yourself from the illusion of fear, from the grip of poverty and from the tendrils of depression.

Make no mistake about it; most human beings live in fear, poverty and depression because most folks are light years away from their unlimited potential. Stepping out of fear into love demands you evolve every hour of every day into the person you feel destined to be. 

But most people seem to de-volve, or, to regress. Humans just want to live in their comfort zone of safety illusion. Wake up. Go to work. Get a paycheck to avoid going hungry, or going homeless. Get medical benefits. Watch the news. See what’s going on in the world. Eat dinner. Hang with your kids for an hour or 2. Go to bed. Rinse, wash and repeat, tomorrow.

Although no right or wrong way to live exists, how do you plan to feel happy, free and fulfilled by choosing to regress, to de-volve, daily, by living in your comfort zone?

Going through Life Versus Growing through Life

Bob Proctor came out with a gem when he said when most people’s hearts stop beating, it’s just gonna be a formality. 

Did the dude lie? Look around. Humanity chooses to go backwards because people engineer their entire life around playing it safe. Get job. Pay bills. Retire at 65 years of age. Experience some freedom for a few years or maybe, 1-2 decades. Die. 

How I see things, death begins not when you leave your body, but when you design your life to avoid fear. The moment you turn around instead of facing your intimately personal fears, you regress. Death overtakes you. Perhaps your bodily functions – heart beating, lungs pumping, brain functioning – continue for 20, 30 or even 50 years after choosing to make scared, comfort-inducing decisions, but death has found you.

Like old Bobby Proctor says, when you die, it’s just gonna be a formality, the physical death that tails the mental death most folks suffer for their entire adult lives.

Surround Yourself with Bold Folks

I feast on inspiration from bold people like Maxwell Ivey. Max is the Blind Blogger. I even met my buddy in NYC. He runs a successful blog and built up his consulting business while not being able to see with his eyes. I can attest though from meeting him in person and by following him for years; what Max appears to lack in sight, he more than makes up for, in vision.

He evolves because he moves forward, faces fear, releases fear and lives predominantly from energies of love, harmony and One-ness.

The grass ain’t growing green under his feet.

Evolve. Follow your fun, right smack dab into your fears. Do not turn around, or you regress. Evolve by following your fun, freeing dreams to and through your most uncomfortable, unpleasant feeling fears.

Evolve to be a bright light for the world to follow, emulate and adore.

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Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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