Dating Again. Are You Ready Now?

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Dating Again after the End of a Relationship


Have you gone through a breakup before? If you have, you know how heart-wrenching it is parting ways with someone you thought would be “the one.” The fact is, no one enters a relationship to end it. Well, except for a few outliers here and there. 

Most of us usually want to take some time before dating again, especially if the relationship meant a big deal. But, at some point, we get thinking about the best dating sites we can log onto and see if we could find a chance to move on. After a breakup or the loss of a spouse, dating again might be the last thing on your mind, but eventually, life has to go on. 

But some things hold us back when it comes to dating again. The presence of emotions makes us mistrust romantic endeavors from other people, low self-confidence (if you were the one that got dumped), and the feeling that your personal life is in turmoil. 

If you’ve gone through this before, how do you start dating again with courage and confidence knowing you’ll be able to move on? 

Before you start dating again at 40, you have to look out for signs that you’re ready. Granted, everyone is different. So, how long before dating again can you wait? It depends on you as an individual and whether you’re prepared to move on and get joy and fulfillment from another relationship.

Before you rush to start dating again, however, you have to take some time, heal, and carefully analyze relationships you want for yourself. You don’t want to get into a rebound and lose out on a chance to work on yourself. Dating again should be a gradual process. Not a relay!

Do you feel ready to start dating again? Read on if you’d like to find out.

There’s No Anger


Breakups are tough, but if you’re looking for dating tips after a particularly hard one, the absence of anger following the end of a relationship should be the first green light. Remember this; even though we’re all unique, it’s normal for you to feel angry every time you think about the circumstances that led to your relationship ending. 

No one deserves to feel pain, but eventually, you have to accept it and replace it with peace. If you’re unable to deal with the pain, you definitely shouldn’t start dating again.

You Stop Guilt-tripping Yourself


Dating again can be an uphill task if you’re still carrying the burden of guilt. Being in a relationship conditions you to view yourself as part of an equation. Suppose you’re single after your spouse passed on or after a divorce. In such a case, you’re likely carrying guilt about feeling that you’re cheating on your previous partner. 

Even the thought of dating again will make you feel like you’re not loyal to your children (if you have any), or even to your circle of friends. However, at some point, you have to learn that you deserve to be happy and start dating again. 

Even though it’ll be a challenge, the reality is, you have to move on, and getting rid of all the guilt will be worth it since there’s no reason to keep carrying it if you want to start dating again.

You Prioritize Yourself

If you’re wondering how to start dating again after a breakup, it’s not when you’re still in the grieving stage of a relationship. You want to enjoy dating again without feeling like you’re still the same person you were before. 

If you start dating again, you must accept that you’re no longer the same person you were in your previous relationship. Whether you’re nursing wounds after a breakup, picking yourself up after a divorce, or grieving the death of a beloved spouse, you must give yourself time to recover before dating again.

Recovering means that you accept that the situation isn’t the same anymore and that you’re ready to work on yourself after the trauma. Get in touch with yourself and discover who you are before you start dating again.

You Leave the Ghosts of Your Past Relationship Behind

Move on

When thinking about where to start dating again after a relationship, you have to let go of the “ghosts of relationships past.” This means you allow yourself to let go of any feelings and memories that held you to your previous relationship. 

When you’re ready to start again, you mustn’t use your previous relationship as a pacemaker for your potential one. Even if you choose to carry the good memories with you, don’t hang them over the head of a prospective partner when you start dating again. 

This rule also applies when exes start dating again. You have to realize that you’re in a new relationship, so you have to be fair to them.


Dating again after the end of a relationship is a personal decision. But if you want to be successful at it, the tips we’ve given you above are an excellent measure to figuring out whether you’re ready.

What do you think about dating again after a breakup?

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