9 Secrets for Serious Leadership Charisma

by Kurt Walker

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What makes a charismatic leader? Are great leaders born or made? Why do we still remember the leadership of Martin Luther King Jr? Why is Barrack Obama’s leadership still desired by other leaders? What leadership secrets did Mahatma Gandhi have that other leaders lack?

It’s not easy to define a great leader. Typically, everyone can be a great leader. But there are certain qualities that make people admire you.

This article shares nine secrets for serious leadership charisma.

Generally, good leadership cultivate charismatic leadership.

According to Assignment Geek, an assignment proofreading company, understanding what sets great leaders apart from the ordinary ones help you train yourself to become a charismatic leader and that’s exactly what you’re going to learn in this article.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Charisma?

Charisma is the character one possesses that attracts and inspires other people.

Charismatic is derived from a Greek word charis. It means grace, kindness, and life.

Charismatic leadership is the ability to influence and encourage other people by way of communicating persuading or convincing.

They can communicate effectively and control emotions even in times of stress and troubles. This is perhaps why most political leaders and activists are said to be charismatic.

Ideally, charismatic leadership is hugely centered on the behavior and personality of the leader.

Here are the nine characteristics of serious leadership charisma.

1.   Creative and Innovative

Charismatic leaders don’t have a thinking limit. They think beyond where other leaders think.

Thinking outside of the box is the weapon charismatic leaders use to drive innovation.

Charismatic leaders see opportunities when a problem or challenge arises, while ordinary leaders don’t. They don’t waste their time thinking about the problem. What's more, they focus on opportunities while constantly improving themselves.

In business, charismatic leadership helps to drive change and transformation. Also, in politics, it helps people feel secured during difficult times.

Charismatic leaders in business have the power to motivate employees to get things done or improve certain situations.

It’s possible to be more creative. Try these tips if you’re looking to be creative and innovative:

  • Adjust your daily routine. Changing the way you approach things could help you become more creative and innovative.
  • Give your mind the freedom to roam around. Don’t limit your mind to wander. Sit down and give your mind the freedom to think freely.
  • Stay away from distractions. Try as much as possible to create an environment that’s free from any kind of distractions.
  • Learn to take risks. Taking risks could help to stir creativity and innovation.

2.   Visionary

Charismatic leaders care about the future so they work on constantly improving.

The way they are dedicated to their dreams encourages motivation among their team which makes them perform better.

They can vividly create a future and explain it clearly to their team and this empowers their team to work toward achieving their leaders’ dream for the company.

A report by Universum that involved 41% of executives shows that the most important characteristic of future leaders is the ability to think the future; and empower others to think the same.

Think about Martin Luther King’s dream where he foresaw a society that treats everyone with equal measures. Sir Winston Churchill empowered the British to not give up on the battlefield.

Charismatic leaders are visionary leaders. They can think beyond other peoples’ imaginations and devise ways of approaching things.

They are open to chances and are constantly working on self-improvement.

To be a visionary leader, you must be constantly working on improving your skills and learning great things than you can imagine.

You must be a good listener as well. It’s through the understanding of the world and experiences of others that could help you come up with new ways of solving things.

In short, visionary leaders are dreamers and great doers.

3.   Confidence

To be successful as a leader, you must have greater confidence in what you do.

With charismatic leaders, there is no room for self-doubt, that’s why they can lead millions of people.

It is the confidence they exhibit that makes people attracted to them.

Charismatic leaders are hopers. They always see the positive side of things when everyone else is seeing the negative.

That’s why they can solve things calmly.

To be a great leader, you must have self-confidence. People don’t want to follow someone who is always second-guessing.

4.   Communication

Self-confidence and charisma are two powerful traits that make people sit up quietly and pay attention to what a leader is saying.

Great leaders possess extraordinary communication skills. That’s why great business leaders can motivate employees during difficult times and help them stay resilient when the company is almost collapsing.

They communicate clearly and drive a point in every word that comes out of their mouths.

Great leaders are keen on their body language as well.

They will always keep eye contact with people when talking and are comfortable when speaking with millions of people.

If you want to be a charismatic leader you need to improve on your communication skills. You need to be articulate and comfortable when speaking to people.

According to assignment help, successful leaders are good communicators.

5. Determination

No matter difficult the situation is, charismatic leaders are driven by their vision.

They are always determined to actualize their vision that’s why they set specific goals, collaborate with other team members, and work toward achieving the set goals.

To be a leader is no easy thing. You have to be determined to make your vision a reality no matter how big or small it is. Your focus and determination make people trust and follow you as a leader.

Charismatic leaders don’t evade challenges but find ways of solving problems when they arise. Besides, they don’t give up in times of difficulties. They are always committed to achieving their goals.

In fact, it’s safe to say that while charismatic leaders pay attention to the process; their eyes are always on the end goal. This helps them not to pay attention to obstacles but to find ways of navigating around them and achieve their goals.

6.   Risk-taking

A vision is something that no one else sees it but you alone. It is something transformative and unique and that’s why you’re required to take risks.

Charismatic leaders are good risk-takers.

They are always on the front line. In simple terms, they lead by example.

That means that they are always accountable for anything that goes bad or good in the process of achieving their goals and they don’t put the blame on anyone if things don’t work as expected.

Charismatic leaders aren’t afraid to face challenges as well. They view challenges as open doors of opportunities. They accept failure but they don’t view it as the end of things.

Charismatic leaders don’t rush into succeeding. They analyze things and can take smart risks.

7.   Self-improvement

Charismatic leaders know the importance of self-improvement and are always working on improving certain things to achieve their vision and goals.

They are good readers; they participate in seminars and are good networkers.

A good example of a charismatic leader, although he was a cult leader was Charles Mansion.

In 1969, the US discovered a cult known as The Family, whose leader was Mansion who used his charisma to lure young girls and kill them. The police found nine bodies of young killed girls in Los Angeles.

While in prison, it is believed that Mason took a course on leadership and self-improvement.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie was the book he used to hone his manipulative and influential tactics.

The cult leader learned the tactics of convincing people by promising them things, then boosting their confidence and showing them a better future so they could believe that he was their only savior.

Well, of course, his vision wasn’t humanly and involved killing innocent people but his leadership qualities demonstrate what charismatic leaders can achieve.

8.   Compassion

While all leaders have a compassionate leadership style, this leadership trait is greatly exuded by charismatic leaders.

Charismatic leaders are mindful of other people.

9.   Listening

Charismatic leaders speak less and listen more. They understand that listening more is important than talking a lot.

According to John Batman, the author of college paper reviews, it is through listening that you can understand what the other people are struggling with and how you can improve the situation.

Listening also helps you to discover information that could beneficial to achieving your dreams.

Additional Secrets for Serious Leadership Charisma

Secret #1: Sensitive

Charismatic leaders can read people’s minds and emotions without them knowing.

As a charismatic leader, you must have empathy so you can easily convince them with your vision.

You need to have the techniques to read the moods of other people and know how to alter it.

You must also be humble and compassionate.

In times of riots, only charismatic policemen can convince appropriate people. They can listen to rioters and convince them they will help them achieve what they want.

And sometimes they don’t do what the rioters want but can convince them how to demonstrate peacefully.

This also applies to business leaders. For example, they can make employees feel good and important instead of looking down upon them.

Secret #2: High Expectations

Charismatic leaders expect the best not only from themselves but also from their team.

They have great dreams and work tirelessly on achieving those dreams.

A report by EssayOnTime, a company that provides help to students with their custom papers, shows that leaders with higher expectations can improve the productivity of their team up to 115%.

Final Word

Charisma is a trait every leader wants to have. The good thing is that it’s something that can be learned and nurtured.

Everyone is looking to be charismatic. Unfortunately, only those can be charismatic leaders, who commit and can exhibit the above-mentioned characteristics.

Charismatic leaders can motivate and inspire other people no matter the situation.

Typically, charismatic leadership focuses on communication, conviction, persuasion, and commitment.

As a leader, you must have a vision that you can convince other people to follow and work with you to make it a reality.

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