Why I Treat the News Like a Movie

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I love(d) going to the movies.

Grab a popcorn. Kick back. Relax. Enjoy entertainment for 2 hours. Leave the movie theater. Go home.

I go *to* the movies but I am not *in* the movies. I am detached from the movie because I observe the flick unfold on a screen, from the distance. Observing from a distance allows me to create emotional space. Godzilla may feel a bit scary to behold onscreen but I do not feel terrified that an actual, 300 foot monster will step on me and squash me at any time.

I treat the news like a movie because even though I barely scan a headline these days, I observe the news but am not *in* the news or *negatively affected* by the news.

No matter the news headlines, how the headlines affect humanity or how the headlines appear to affect me, since I am not in the chaos but observing the panic from a distance, I establish space between my self and this entertaining work of fiction. Why is news fiction? The news is fear.

Fear Is Fiction

Fear is fiction, an illusion, not real. But since most human beings do not face, feel and release their fears, most human beings tune into fear and feel even more scared because of their fear and the fears of others.

Tuning into mass fear, the masses deeply, genuinely believe how fear is not only real, but how global evidence of fear manifests every minute of every day. But every human being is a spirit in a meat suit, inherently fearless, loving and poised. People experience the emotion of fear in their body but never need to trust the fear, to act according to fear and to believe that it is real, and true.

Almost 100% of the time, news headlines use fear-fiction to manipulate the frightened masses into doing something to appease a few people in power. I see it as a pleasant fiction in some cases, or mass panic in most cases. Either way, the only method to seeing this truth is by facing, feeling and releasing many of your deepest, darkest fears.

Observe But Do Not Play a Role

I observe movies from the cheap seats but do not step into the screen to play a role in the movie. Similarly, feel free to observe the news from a space of serenity – if this feels good – but do not be influenced by the fear-headlines by playing a role in the drama. Scan. Obey local laws. Carry on.

Tens of millions of Americans play the role of news fools, stepping into the news, being influenced by their own fears and newsmakers, versus observing from afar and carrying on with their own lives.

Be happy. Be serene. Be peaceful. Live with love. Enjoy some fiction, then get back to being generous, helpful, genuine and a bright light for humanity to follow.

The only thing that genuinely feels dangerous is your own fear, used against you, by manipulative headline makers. Create some space and both the news and its fears lose all of their power over you.

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