Everything Works Out for You

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Life happens for you.

Life does not happen to you.

Everything works out exactly how it should for your growth, freedom and fulfillment. Rough moments trigger fears long buried. Fears long buried need to go for you to feel good. Feeling good allows you to enjoy life, largely.

As 2020 has passed its midway point, most people bemoan loss, sickness, death and suffering experienced during this calendar year. But loss, sickness, death and suffering happen for you, not to you.

My mom sits in hospice. My mother in law passed on 2 months ago. Each event happened for me to:

  • face
  • feel
  • release

fears manifest as grief, anger, rage, shame, embarrassment and other destructive emotions. Try living being weighed down by grief, anger, rage, shame and embarrassment. Each heavy energy forms an anchor preventing growth, happiness and freedom.

Every moment is for you, not against you. No thing or no one goes against you. Even if resistance appears to stop you the energy reveals you to you.

Be with Fear

Tough moments are 100% neutral. Fear or love add color to moments. People upset at 2020 fear what happened or fear what may happen. But everything proceeds according to plan. Everything happens for you.

Ego hates being with fear. Ego loves comfort. Ego loves disease-free and death-free living. But death smiles at us all and disease manifests in a humanity repressing fear.

Be with fears fueling victim-hood. Life does not happen to people who face fear because clearing fear clears negative charges from any situation.

Feeling fear proves to be a tough experience. Ride out the emotions. Cry. Punch a pillow. Clear the energies. Observe how your mind – and its judgments – create it all. Human emotions create experiences.

Clearing fear lets you see everything happens for you to grow, to free yourself and to feel fulfilled.

Experience a New World

See a new world the moment you clear fear. Love is real. Fear is not real. Love reveals moments teach you how to:

  • love yourself
  • love people
  • serve people
  • see through the illusion of fear, separation and loss

Human beings are infinitely more than most folks realize. You and I possess limitless powers. Anyone can live their dreams by empowering other people but only by seeing life happens for you, not to you.

Immediately, feeling better about life, you see the world through a different set of glasses. Go beyond positive views. Go beyond negative views. Go beyond polarity. Everything happens for you to reveal the true you to yourself.

Be Patient

Take your time. Adopt this frame of mind slowly but surely. Lose victim leanings. Release friends and family largely suffering from a victim mentality. Be compassionate with yourself.

Be gentle with yourself. Understand this great truth to see through fear, to knife through pain and to embrace how every moment serves as a vehicle for your advancement.

Life happens for you and for everybody around you.

Life never happens to you or to anybody around you.

Humans are much more than your ego can comprehend.

Everything works out the way it needs to work out for you.

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