Do You Balk or Seize Opportunities for Growth?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I read and replied to my email a few moments ago.

Most bloggers who pitched me guest posts or sponsored posts balked the split second I noted my pricing. Who gets ahead in the world? Balkers? Or people who seize opportunities for growth?

I replied to most bloggers with a thanks but no thanks email. Opportunity for growth for them, lost. I simply see and experience more. More guest posts for me to write. More blog posts for me to publish.

Do you balk when presented with opportunities for growth? Or do you seize and use the opportunity for growth fast? I do not play around. I publish 5 guest posts daily. I do not sit around, delaying, hesitating or waiting on the sidelines. Every top professional in your niche of choice grabs and runs with opportunities.

Every failing person delays, waits or procrastinates from energies of fear, scarcity and loss.

Poverty Consciousness

Every single blogger fearing my rates to be too high will never get ahead because a poverty consciousness burdens these individuals.

Every person feared spending-losing-releasing money. I felt the fear immediately and wished them the best. I want nothing to do with money loss. Since where your attention and energy goes, grows, giving attention to poverty allows money loss to grow in my experience.

Been there, done that. No thank you. I even told a few unclear bloggers how I no longer wanted their guest post or sponsored post, in direct terms, to cut through confusion or language barriers. Now, if they reply again with bartering, I will junk-spam their email address to never see them again.

Fear of poverty deludes you into not reading emails clearly, not seeing the truth and not understanding posturing, successful bloggers fully. But serious bloggers kick the fear of money loss to the side to seize growth opportunities immediately.

The Universe Adores Speed

The Universe adores speed. Do not desperately chase opportunities for growth; simply seize these prospering gigs the moment someone presents you with them.

Wise, future blogging leaders immediately agree to my rate because seizing the prospering opportunity:

  • gives them backlinks on a DA 42 blog
  • aligns them with my blog and brand
  • gives them backlinks on a blog with 40,000 to 50,000 backlinks
  • leads to potential increased traffic and profits

No brainer territory for hungry, opportunity-gobbling, abundant-minded bloggers.

Never leave a good opportunity for fear of some other factor. Everyone reached out to me excited, full of promise, brimming with potential, so geeked to guest post on Blogging From Paradise. But because I mentioned a number with a $ sign in front of it, I triggered some fear in them.

Versus facing, feeling and releasing the fear to work with me so we can both become more successful, they all surrendered to the fear of losing a number, preceded by a $ sign. Strange? Right? Bizarre, if you begin studying the science of your own mind.

Do not balk by giving in to fear. Seize opportunities for growth. Free yourself. Live your dreams.

Full steam ahead!

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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