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What Is the Biggest Problem with Fear?

Picture the last time you felt truly terrified.

Could you think straight? I bet you that you could not think straight. I imagine your mind raced ahead at a mile a minute. Forget about being rational; you became 100%, completely IRrational.

Did you see the truth before you eyes? Of course not! Fear is an illusion. Only love is real. Feeling the emotion of fear literally deludes you from reality. You go from seeing truth in peaceful, relaxed moments to seeing a lie grounded firmly in illusion, blinding you from the truth, in the next moment.

Current News Cycle

Currently, global headlines stress yet another dominant news item grounded deeply in scaring people. Truthfully; the current virus is easily spread so a decent chunk of healthy people will have to suffer with it for a bit and a small percentage of sick people – many of whom were dying or close to dying – will pass on from the disease. I can see this because I do not have a highly developed fear of sickness. But most Americans cannot say the same thing.

Imagine if you deeply fear getting sick and dying. Or imagine if you clung to a healthy fear of getting sick and dying. Any news headline stressing how other human beings are getting sick and dying touches on your healthy-sized fears, scaring you into believing YOU will get sick and die. But is fear true? Never; fear blinds you from truth, deluding you into an illusion.

I walked around NYC right before it took off. Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge; I was surrounded by thousands upon thousands of human beings. I remained healthy because I did not fear a flu-type illness which killed really sick people and caused some short suffering in healthy people.

I knew someone close to me who technically died from the virus but that was an illusion; she was rapidly dying from cancer. In a way, the virus was merciful because it allowed her to pass on quickly.

But she is like most victims of the virus; a person who is close to death or in an unhealthy, weakened state, passed away because of their prior disease predominantly. The virus nudged them to the other side.

Trickle Down Effect of Avoiding Fear

Terrified people keep trying to remind other people of how unsafe it is to return back to normal because the virus is killing people (mostly dying to begin with or suffering from some terrible illness) or making healthy people suffer through its effects.

Fear screams that everybody stay inside their home to be safe. But what about domestic violence cases skyrocketing? I know someone with a friend on a local police force here in New Jersey. The town is home to well over 50,000 people.

The cop said that the force has been told to only pull over people for traffic violations that could basically cause vehicular homicide. Why? The whole of the force in a town of 50,000 plus people has become overwhelmed with a 24-7 wave of domestic violence calls, some beyond brutal, traumatizing the officer and his fellow police in ways they have never seen.

Fear has a sneaky way of deluding human beings into falsely thinking they are saving lives from the virus (small percentage of people contract it, anyway) when couples are either beating each other to death or causing so much emotional damage that their lives will be ruined for years or decades.

Alcohol and Drugs

Can you even imagine how many fresh, new alcoholics and drug addicts are finding their footing during this quarantine? The news will never report this because scaring you with COVID is their agenda.

Before you congratulate governors for flattening or lowering the curve, an absurd percentage of those “healthy, COVID-free” human beings are drinking and drugging themselves to deal with depression and suicidal feelings.

Excellent. You washed your hands, wore a mask and developed a habit that will almost certainly kill you prematurely at worst, or at best, cause untold suffering for 5, 10 or 50 years of your life, or longer.

Fear will find an outlet because fear deludes you, politicians, government and the media from the truth.


I know of a few friends here in New Jersey with buddies who have committed suicide over the past few months. The numbers are almost certainly rising and would be higher if liquor stores were closed; these stores remain open to lower suicide levels.

Again, fear will always find an outlet because trying to control some virus with fear results in human beings suffering through that fear in some other way, shape or form.

The Antidote

The only people who will not suffer from the delusional effects of fear are energy conscious souls who devote significant time to practices like:

  • meditating
  • praying
  • doing Kriya yoga

These people see the truth – clearly – and have zero issues sharing the truth with people ready to see and feel the truth.

Keep diving into fear, guys. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Begin to clearly see the truth of what is really going on around you.


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