"The best investment you can make is in yourself." -Warren Buffett, Multi-Billionaire Investor
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How Can You Liberate Yourself?

I spend hours daily engaging in:

  • Kriya yoga
  • Kundalini yoga
  • yin yoga
  • exercise
  • meditation

because each practice liberates me. Yoga, exercise and meditating expands my awareness. Expanding my awareness allows me to both follow my fun and face my fears.

Facing my fears has been the #1 factor in liberating me. Every heartache, struggle and failure in my life unfolded because I refused facing fears in each area of my life. Facing, feeling and releasing fears immediately improved the quality of my life in each area.

Face fear to liberate yourself. This is how to improve the quality of your life dramatically.

Problems Are Fears

Most human beings in the United States suffer through a few major problems now. Most people focus on a few core problems in the USA.

How do Americans liberate themselves from each problem? Facing, feeling and releasing fears liberates you from these problems.

For example, I engage in Kriya yoga on waking every morning even though a part of me fears the negative memories these sessions sometimes stir up. Racing mind tries to disturb me as I begin tensing.

But after each session, even if I feel a bit anxious here and there during the day, I predominantly become more at peace, calm and relaxed. Success flows to me with greater ease, too. Problems dissolve. Life genuinely gets easier week by week because I face my fears daily.

Every problem I experienced in the past has either completely disappeared or has been greatly reduced since I engaged in personal development for hours daily because facing, feeling and releasing fears fueling these problems starves the problems of their life force.

I used to struggle to drive blog traffic. I faced joint fears of failure and rejection, cleared these energies and proceeded to become a prolific guest poster and blogger on my blog. My traffic problem dissolved because I faced fears fueling the problem.

Unhappiness Is Fear

All unhappiness is fear. Liberating yourself from unhappiness to become happy, peaceful and serene involves facing, feeling and releasing fears feeding unhappiness

I used to be deeply depressed about working a 9-5 job but feared running out of money. I eventually was let go from my job, faced, felt and released the fear of losing money and made the fun, freeing, sometimes scary decision to start a blogging business.

Running a business is nerve-wracking sometimes but I have never been happier. Being free to work when I want to from anywhere on earth liberated me like nothing else.

But I had to face my fears of losing a steady income – and all of my money – to create this liberating life.

Face Fear

Not facing fear levies the harshest penalty. A shocking number of healthy, strong, physically fit Americans remains house bound and terrified because their collective mental fitness levels remain crippled by the joint fears of disease and death.

I condescend to wear the mask to respect local laws and to put terrified people at ease. But I do not fear it because I care not to buy into an illusion that keeps perpetuating physical illness, complements of a few select folks and the mass terror of a USA that has not done a good job owning their fears. I lived with 2 people who suffered through COVID – in a home with virtually no ventilation – and also walked through Chinatown in New York City before NYC became COVID ground zero on planet earth. I remained as healthy and as spry as ever.

I deeply respect how many scared people are getting sick and some already infirmed people are dying from it but also know this; the more that individuals begin facing, feeling and releasing their deepest fears, the news cycle will change and we will be back to normal.

Fear Will Find Another Outlet Leading to Misery, Suffering and Death

The major media plays a clever shell game with the current news cycle. Fanning the virus flames of fear to keep people “safe”, domestic violence, alcoholism and drug addiction seem to be skyrocketing.

I spoke to someone who has a buddy working as a police officer in a local town. All cops were told to ignore traffic violations unless the driver is borderline murdering someone through their reckless driving. Why?

The domestic violence cases have become so frequent, brutal and savage that police officers in this healthy-sized New Jersey town are responding to these calls around the clock, being overwhelmed emotionally by these traumatic experiences that are TRULY unprecedented.

What will cure all of the ills – physical, mental and racial – in the USA now?

Every human being's firm decision to face their most intimate, deepest fears.

Without fear, we begin to slowly but surely evolve into the healthy, loving, limitless beings that we genuinely are.


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